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Sunday Links: Ta-Loo-Rye-Eh...

Shallower nets, parental smart ass-ery, & overalls EVERYWHERE! Either get busy clickin' or get busy dyin'!

"Ok, for the next set of shots we're going to need you to change into these overalls for us."
"Ok, for the next set of shots we're going to need you to change into these overalls for us."
Bruce Bennett

ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL??? I mean, I'd rather be ready for some hockey...But in the mean time, go Rams & Cowboys!

...oh, silly me, you probably want some links, don't you? Well, let's see what I have in my bag here...[digs around in bag] - OK, how about some of theses:


  • Sportsnet is doing a series called "10 Teams That Can Win It All," and this week they analyzed the Blues' chances. Being in that conversation should great until you remember that 10 teams is a third of the league. I promise you that there are not 10 teams that have a shot at The Cup. Still, it's a pretty good breakdown. [Sportsnet]
  • From the Shit You Already Knew Department: Brett Hull will be named as the Blues Vice-President of Local Sports Icon Operations Some Business Things. Not that I'm against the move - far from it - but the fact an entire press release was released listing all of Hullie's accomplishments but absolutely no mention of what exactly he'll be in charge of is a pretty good tell that this is largely a symbolic gesture/publicity stunt. Which I'm fine with - that's one of the handful of things that the Blues can't copy off of the Cardinals enough. Brett will be formally introduced in a press conference tomorrow evening at 6:16 pm in the DrinkScotch concourse, and fans are encouraged to attend. If any of you guys go, take some pictures & maybe we'll post some! [Blues]
  • One more from the SYAK Dep.: Ray Ryan Whitney has been given a camp invite to even up the blueline numbers while Doug Armstrong continues nickel and dime-ing Alex Pietrangelo . [Blues]


  • Last November, Oilers defeseman prospect Brandon Davidson was diagnosed with testicular cancer. Today, he's captaining the Edmonton squad at the Traverse City tournament. Some articles I really enjoy sharing with you guys, but none that I've thrown up yet have been as good as Brandon Davidson saying "Fuck you!" to cancer. [Sportsnet, via PHT]
  • Friend of Game Time Megalodon lists the funniest hockey tweets of last week. I'm just saying you guys, we need to collectively step up our Twitter game this year. [Battle of California]
  • This season, the nets will be 4 inches shallower, giving players more room behind the net. It could make a difference in goals scored on wrap around this year...but probably won't. [Pro Hockey Talk]
  • Mike Modano recently married Allison Micheletti, a professional golfer who happens to be 19 years younger. Creep-o. [ESPN Dallas]


  • The first Sunday of the NFL season is today. You should know where you can watch which regional games, preferably in an easy to decipher map format. [506sports]
  • Where my indie film buffs at? How about some obscure Netflix suggestions? One has a young Paul Rudd, and another has fucking Michonne! [Indiewire]
  • The only way to parent properly is to do it sarcastically. And I base this on these 20 examples, and absolutely nothing else. [The Chive]
  • Brevity is the soul of badassery. Mental Floss brings you 5 of the best real life one-liners in history. [Mental Floss]


Would you classify yourself as properly prepared for American football?

God that song is awesome! Too bad Hank Williams had to go and say something so fucking stupid.

FACT: The best thing to come out of the '80s (other than yours truly) is "Come On, Eileen" by Dexy's Midnight Runners. Look it up, it's a fact.

Can overalls be a thing again? Who should we talk to about that?

Donut King is back tomorrow. He needs shit to link. Send some to him.

One week from today, the Blues play their first preseason game. We're almost out of the wilderness, I promise.