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Monday Open Bar - His Name Is Ralph, Mang

Training camp is soon and Brett Hull is not gonna be there, but he's part of the club. One well-paid professional football player barfed on the sideline. And "Fuck you, Jeff". Let's go get drunk while I move from one apartment to another.

Jay Bouwmeester would rather shit himself than wear the Team Canada third
Jay Bouwmeester would rather shit himself than wear the Team Canada third
Dilip Vishwanat

So, since the last time you and I saw each other, Peyton Manning and those three awesome receivers of his took the Ravens defense and made sweet, sweet love to it . . . and the only really major thing otherwise was the Brett Hull announcement, which has been talked about a lot around here. For good reason . . . because it's fucking awesome. BRETT. HULL. BACK WITH THE BLUES.

But anyway . . . I've been waiting for this week for about a month now. I'm about to move to a new place. This, combined with Week One of football (which was alluded to earlier) and several other things has conspired me not only to post this links post a bit late this morning, but has me with pretty much nothing to post.

But I've got a few. So let's take a look.

  • Again, Brett Hull is going to be a VP of Business Operations with the Blues, which will be announced at exactly 6:16pm CDT today. Basically, he's the Ambassador of Fun. And if you don't like that, you can get the fuck off my bandwagon. Hildy has her thoughts on the move. [SLGT]
  • If you think Team USA's Olympic hockey uniforms are gonna suck, Canada may be rolling out THESE godawful fucking thirds in Sochi, to go along with what look to be decent red and white sweaters. [Icethetics]
  • 15 reasons why Misha Collins is an angel amongst men. (h/t to Kate, who adores Misha Collins) [BuzzFeed]
  • Jason Witten ralphed all over the sideline last night. It's a metaphor for something, but since the Cowboys won, it doesn't apply . . . in THIS case, anyway. [SB Nation]
  • And your video, courtesy of CrossCheckRaise . . . Steve Dangle and Russian-Canadian Andrey Osadchenko have some fun talking about the KHL and saying "Fuck you, Jeff" to Jeffler.

Seriously . . . Fuck You, Jeff. No, not you, the OTHER Jeff.