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Auld Link Syne - Keepin' Dat Belt

Blues beat Wild(s). Chris Stewart's face asplode. JayBO-face. Dion Phaneuf: Paper Counter. Winter Classic. No appeal for Thornton. Awesomeness from the Lightning(s). WJC. Suck it, Indiana. And Pat Sajak gon' DRANK. Happy motherfuckin' New Year.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Gonna need coffee for that hangover there, aren't ya?

Well, get it . . . and click on some links, ya knob. Or make yourself a Bloody Mary or a Caesar or something. We don't judge.


  • The Blues were missing, like, half their team. The Wild(s) are missing, like, a few guys but wow have they sucked lately. The Blues still dominated the Wild(s), winning 2-1 but really taking it to the home team more than the score indicated. With words . . . Ashley, AKA "ActualAtrociousAnimatron". [SLGT]
  • An innocent Jason Pominville dump-in attempt smacked Chris Stewart in the face, giving him a nice cut on his mouth and some stitches. He did not return following this. [SLGT]
  • Not at all shocking that Jay Bouwmeester is a super creepy-lookin' motherfucker in super slow motion. [SLGT]
  • JR Lind of III Communication is on point with his Conference III Title Belt Defense tweet. You are an inspiration, sir. [Twitter / @jrlind]


  • Eleven games last night, because they can't have shit interfering with today's game . . . which I can understand. [ 12/31/13]
  • Two games today. Pretty sure not even Canucks and Lightning(s) fans give a shit about their own game. [ 01/01/14]
  • We had a WJC GDT. Canada won 3-2. Whatever. NOT THE MEDAL ROUND YET, FUCKERS. [SLGT]
  • Winter Classic forecast in Ann Arbor? Snow. Oh FUCK yes. (WARNING: Autoplay. Sorry.) [The Weather Channel]
  • They talked about it on 24/7 Episode 3, and now it actually happened . . . Dion Phaneuf and the Maple Leafs agreed on a 7-year extension worth a shitload of money. [CBC]
  • The aforementioned Lightning(s) suited up in their college and junior sweaters for a team picture before boarding the plane to the west coast. This is awesome. [Icethetics]
  • Shawn Thornton will not appeal his 15-game suspension to an independent arbitrator, which very well may be a wise decision. [Big Bad Blog]
  • After today's Winter Classic game, they'll announce the Team USA Olympic Hockey roster. Bobby Ryan may not be on it. Which . . . well, I don't like, if the excuses listed will be the ones given. But that's just me. [Puck Daddy]


  • Exit 6 Brewery in Cottleville got a Cease And Desist letter from Starbucks because of a beer they named "Frappicino" (obvious misspelling, eh?). They weren't pleased, so they sent a sarcastic response. Included in that response was a "PSSSS: GO BLUES!" [KSDK]
  • Suck it, Indiana Hoosiers. #Illini [The Champaign Room]
  • One more year-ending list . . . 2013 in sports one-liners. (S/T to CrossCheckRaise . . . you should all aspire to be CCR, folks!) [National Post]


First, a short, somber and always-fitting tribute to a new year from one Colonel Sherman Thomas Potter, M.D.:

Then . . . Pat Sajak does an interview with Dan LeBatard and LeBatard's father (On a program called "Highly Questionable"), in such admitting that he and Vanna White occasionally got drunk before filming episodes of Wheel Of Fortune. (S/T to CrossCheckRaise):

Pat Sajak is a Goddamn legend.

One more day and I'm free! Send me some links:

And speaking of Pat Sajak, we mentioned him in this week's episode of Beyond Checkerdome, which had a special guest and goes to air in just hours. Be sure to grab it!

And may you have a happy and healthy New Year with much joy and . . . perhaps . . . a parade down Market Street in mid-June. One of these years, my friends . . . .