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Friday Links: Only Five Goals? Oh, Ho-Hum...

Lots of goals, an AHL All-Star, a charity game, the Powerpuff Girls Return, & Tim Murray Outlasts, Outwits, and Outplays.

"Is it over yet? I can't bear to watch!"
"Is it over yet? I can't bear to watch!"
Derek Leung

I'd tell you to celebrate last night's win, but there's no time for that! We have to play Vancouver tonight!

...I'm sorry, what's that?...It's in Vancouver? it doesn't start until 9:00 central?

Well in that case you have plenty of time to celebrate. Do so with the traditional Clicking of the Links morning ritual.


  • The Blues won 5-0...again...this time against the Flames. Your Game Time recap was handled by RobbTufts, aka,...uh...Robb. [SLGT]
  • The folks over at M&G try to name at least one positive thought in each of their recaps, so naturally they talked about how well their AHL prospects have been playing. [Matchsticks & Gasoline]
  • Also from Robb comes a new updated Blues shot tracker, which shows that we've been shooting at a 12% clip for the season, which is pretty sustainable. [SLGT]
  • We've talked a lot about goaltenders in the past week, both ours and other teams' (yeeeaah, my bad guys), but not to be outdone is young Jake Allen, who has been named to the AHL All-Star team. Atta boy, The Snake! [Pro Hockey Talk]
  • A lot of the best Blues will be playing in Sochi next month, and potentially as many as 5 could play for Gold, giving them 7 games in 12 days. That could wear out some of the team's core just before the stretch run. But don't worry...we have a plan! [Pro Hockey Talk]
  • CrossCheckRaise gets a tap of the stick for passing along this great remembrance piece of former Blues GM Ron Caron, who died two years ago yesterday. The Professor was just before my time as a hockey fan, but from every story and memory I've read about him over the years, he seemed like not only the kind of executive I would love to see my favorite team have, but pretty much what I would be like if I were an NHL GM - minus the French-Canadian accent, of course. RIP Prof. [Mound City Sports]
  • The Blues Alumni will play a chairty game against the Blackhawks Alumni on January 15th in Peoria to benefit the victims from last November's tornado in central Illinois. Admission is $10 at the door. If any of you guys are in that area, I highly recommend going and helping out. For more information, check it out here. [Blues]



  • There were 9 games last night, with a couple former Blues scoring goals. See if you can spot them! [ 1/9]
  • 6 games tonight. I'd like to recommend an early game to enjoy before the puck drops in BC, but none of those early faceoffs sound remotely enjoyable. On the other hand, if the Blues end up winning by 5 goals again, it might be worth switching over to the other late game, which is Penguins-Oilers, which could very well end with a 10-7 scoreline. [ 1/10]
  • Speaking of the Pens, the Metropolitan division is godawful. Pittsburgh is the only team in that division that isn't embarrassing. But how hard have other teams been punishing those teams? I generally assume most of you guys check Puck Daddy, but DK wanted to make sure you saw this one because (spoiler alert) the Blues top this list. [Puck Daddy]
  • Former Blue (technically) Wade Redden has officially retired from the NHL after 14 years. [NHLPA]
  • Meanwhile, former Devil, Red Wing, and USA Olympian Brian Rafalski might be un-retiring, after signing with the Florida Everblades of the ECHL. He hasn't played in 3 years, although I was surprised when he retired, as I thought he had a handful of decent years left. [Everblades]
  • The Buffalo Sabres have officially hired Tim Murray as their new GM. So he's the one who Doug Armstrong will have to hypnotize into giving up Ryan Miller for a conditional 5th round pick. [Die by the Blade]
  • According to sources, the Sabres hired Murray after he won their new reality show competition, Buffalo's Next Top General Manager! [SBNation NHL]
  • When it comes to choosing Olympic rosters, STOP CHOOSING ROLE PLAYERS!!! YOU DON'T NEED TO BUILD INTERNATIONAL ROSTERS WITH THE SAME LOGIC USED TO BUILD AN NHL ROSTER!!! Seriously, there are reasons that that's the case. [SBNation NHL]
  • ...I'm sorry I yelled at probably had nothing to do with the US roster...


  • Perhaps you've heard of the Silna brothers? They were the former owners of the Spirits of St. Louis ABA team who, through a deal as part of the NBA-ABA merger, have been collecting over $300 million of the NBA's TV revenue over the years for doing not a damn thing. Well, that sweetheart deal was ended earlier this week, with a $500 million buyout, that still gives the Silnas a (significantly smaller) percentage of the Association's TV money. Holy shit, they're the people to whom St. Louis MLS fans should be sending letters! [STLToday]
  • Apparently Americans are drinking too much and not telling their doctors. Shaaame on you! [NBC News]
  • On January 20th, the mothafuckin' Powerpuff Girls are coming back to Cartoon Network! To celebrate, Ringo Starr made a cartoon music video. ...wait, what? ...exactly. [TV Guide]


Something very, vitally important happened this morning, and I think we all should be aware of it and what it means.

Some great things to keep in mind every now and then, especially a certain set of Blues fans who can't ever not be bitching about something. (You know who you are.)

You should have more respect for those people who stand by the roadside spinning advertising signs - they might just save your life from ninjas. Case in point:

Would you like to feel apart of something bigger than yourself? Specifically, tomorrow's links post? Then send me some links! You know, to post!

Check back throughout the day for some previews, reviews, breaking news, page views, stat-views, point-of-views, talks of booze, 'P's & 'Q's, verbal abuse, Pikachus, Syracuse, and Vancouver boos. So win or lose (I know what I would choose), we'll all let loose and yell "LET'S GO BLUES!!!"