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Saturday Links: Happy Step in a Puddle & Splash Your Friends Day!

Blues drop a game, Harrison Mooney watched it, Grim Reaver re-ups, Thornton's back, Craig Biggio gets royally screwed, and dreams are weird, right?

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*I'm not going to bitch about the refs...I'm not going to bitch about the refs...I'm not going to bitch about the refs...*
*I'm not going to bitch about the refs...I'm not going to bitch about the refs...I'm not going to bitch about the refs...*
Derek Leung

That sucked but whatever. We weren't going to win every game the rest of the way, right?



  • The Blues lost 2-1 to the Canucks late last night because shit happens. Your Game Time recap by the capo of the print edition of St. Louis Game Time, our old friend Bradley "Brad Lee" Lee. BTW, now that the Blues are selling out home games again, we need to start shaming people into buying their copy of Game Time. All the "fucks," "shits," and hockey analysis you could ever get for $5, but it only costs you $4! [SLGT]
  • For your British Colombian perspective, here's Puck Daddy favorite Harrison Mooney's feature, "I Watched This Game." Mooney also uses bullet points, so I'm pretty sure Brad can sue the yoga pants off him. [Pass it to Bulis]
  • Also breaking yesterday: Ryan Reaves signed a 4-year extension worth $4.5 million, or a $1.125 million cap hit starting next year. [SLGT]
  • If the Blues don't stop scoring so many goals, people are going to have to start re-evaluating their opinions of Ken Hitchcock that were already 15 years out of date to begin with. [STLToday]


  • I was really hoping we'd pull it out last night, if no other reason than to make fun of the Avalanche for losing to a Metropolitan team. As it was, they were the only Conference III team to gain any points last night. [ 1/10]
  • The Blues are off until Tuesday, but there are 10 games on the schedule today, and the one that could loom largest in the long run is Colorado at the Wild in their battle for third in Conference III. Also, Bruins and Sharks looks fun, if you feel up to a 9:30 central faceoff for a non-Blues game. [ 1/11]
  • Rick Nash accidentally fell down right in front of goal with less than two minutes left in a tie game. By the time he hit the ice, the Rangers were up 3-2, also on accident, though he'll probably never admit it. [Pro Hockey Talk]
  • Sergei Bobrovsky blanked the Hurricanes, stopping 36 shots for the 3-0 Blue Jackets win. [The Cannon]
  • Shawn Thornton has officially served his 15 game suspension and will be available for tonight's Boston-San Jose game. [Boston Herald]
  • The Florida Panthers are reportedly losing $20 million annually, which is almost like having 4 David Clarksons every year. But you guys, if you just gave them some more tax payer money they can fix everything and win all the Cups and they'll totally pay you back at some point they swear to god for realz this time! [SBNation NHL]
  • Oliver Wahlstrom has verbally committed to play college hockey at the University of Maine. Oliver Wahlstrom is 13 years old. If I had followed through with every "commitment" I made when I was 13, I'd be doing play-by-play for the Philadelphia Eagles with a bright orange and blue striped goatee. (Fuck the Eagles all the way to hell, I just had a thing for Philly at the time.) Funny how life goes. [Buzzing the Net]
  • Brian Rafalski, after signing for an ECHL team: Don't Call it a Comeback! [Puck Daddy]
  • Hey, you know how 24/7 is awesome, as long as the Red Wings aren't on it? Well apparently they're closing in on a deal to do a version following a team through the playoffs! *SQUEAL* [Puck Drunk Love]
  • There's already a lot of speculation that the NHL won't participate in the 2018 Winter Olympics. Which countries would that affect most? Depends on your opinion of the AHL, I guess. [Stanley Cup of Chowder]


  • There are a lot of really weird national days. Specifically, 366 of them (this year, anyway). For example, today, January 11th, is National Step in a Puddle and Splash Your Friends Day, just in case you wanted to celebrate how you're a fucking asshole. More importantly, which of these obscure "holidays" does your birthday fall on? Mine is November 20th, which on Absurdity Day. I don't think I've ever read anything more prophetic than that in my life. [Student Beans]
  • Yesterday marked the 15th anniversary of the debut of arguably the most influencial drama in television history, The Sopranos. But I'm only in late season 3, so please don't spoil anything! [Paley Center]
  • Craig Biggio missed making it into the Baseball Hall of Fame this year by exactly 2 votes. One of those 2 votes was this guy, a cartoonist who voted for Bonds, McGwire, & Clemens, but left Biggio off because he refuses "to vote for a guy who cheats, as Biggio did with all that armor on his arm, so he could get hit with pitches and trot to first base as a result." This guys gets a Hall of Fame vote, but Vin Scully doesn't. [Dowling Drivel]
  • Onion headline: "Vacationing Man Excited to Try Fast Food Franchise Not Found in Hometown." [The Onion]


Childhood Trauma is feeling particularly patriotic, as is Stephen Lynch. NSFW

Your Science Saturday video is one that Brian Burke and David Poile would find very interesting - the "why"s and "what the fuck?"s of dreaming.

The only way to tell that you're not secretly in a dream world is to send me links and watch me share it with everyone else. Or spin a top & watch it fall, but personally I'd prefer you do the former.