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Monday Links - The Manitoba Axe

Prospects. Winnipeg is a shitty team that fires its' coach. Finally. #PensDong. A cool thing for Tomas Tatar. Shaq. Ryan Miller is insane. Assloads of GIFs. Peyton Manning loves Omaha and just wants a beer. And substitute teachers. It's Monday.

"See? The Jets are like a compact car."
"See? The Jets are like a compact car."
Scott Cunningham

If you get a chance to try the limited-time-only Sriracha wings from Buffalo Wild Wings . . . go ahead and do it, because they're all sorts of amazing.


  • Prospect Sunday! Brian tells us about how the kids did this week down on the farm, his next piece for "The '14 File" and who's trending up. [SLGT; SLGT; SLGT]
  • Down in the FanPosts . . . Bear78 is looking for the 2006 Upper Deck diecast Blues Zamboni. Help a brother out? [SLGT]
  • We recorded Episode 26 of Beyond Checkerdome yesterday. Sure to be fun.


  • Seven games yesterday. They all had final scores. Fuck Chicago. [ 01/12/14]
  • Four games tonight, including the start of a new regime in Winnipeg, which I'll get to shortly. [ 01/14/14]
  • We learned yesterday morning that Claude Noel had been axed by the Jets and replaced by former Whalers/Hurricanes coach Paul Maurice. [Jets]
  • And that was after Ryan Lambert aired out pretty much everything that's wrong with the Jets in his weekly Trending Topics piece on Friday. [Puck Daddy]
  • During an interview over the weekend with Tanner Glass, Kris Letang opened the door and revealed . . . a Penguins player naked. #PensDong [Deadspin]
  • I'm reticent to give anyone from the Red Wings credit for anything because, well, Fuck Detroit, but as a guy who lost his father at an early age, I found this really neat . . . Tomas Tatar scored the game-winner against the Kings on Saturday, a day after losing his father to a liver ailment. [Detroit News]
  • Shaquille O'Neal is from Newark, NJ. The Devils play in Newark, NJ. So he got to drive the Zamboni with the Devils mascot before their game with the Panthers on Saturday. Here's a picture. (He later dropped the puck while wearing an Alexei Ponikarovsky sweater. Nice.) [Deadspin]
  • Ryan Miller Status: Goddamn Insane. Mikhail Grabovski can confirm. [Puck Daddy]
  • Wanna lollygag your way to the dot? This Swedish league linesman will have none of that shit. Then the opponents score a goal from the other end while the goalie is drinking water because he was unaware the puck had dropped. LOOK ALIVE, KIDS. [Puck Daddy]


  • Here's a bunch of awesome sports-related GIFs from 2013. (S/T to CrossCheckRaise) [USA Today / For The Win]
  • Peyton Manning really, really likes Omaha . . . [NFL]
  • . . . and the Omaha Tourism Board thanks him! [Twitter / @VisitOmaha]
  • Peyton Manning also has bad taste in beer, and probably pissed off half of Denver by saying he wanted a Bud Light instead of a Coors Light. [USA Today / For The Win]


Kate passes along this one . . . from Key & Peele. The street-tough teacher substitutes in the suburbs:

I guess my name would've been pronounced . . . what . . . T-Lair? I dunno.

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