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Coyotes At Blues Morning Open Thread: Desert Dog Tired

The Coyotes are playing their second game in two nights, and haven't had a very happy new year so far.

Dilip Vishwanat

These Phoenix Coyotes are pooped. They're not the same team that they were in November, when they beat the Blues 3-2 in overtime. They've won one game since a 4-3 victory over the Edmonton Oilers on December 31st. Their goaltender, Mike Smith, might be an Olympian - but no one's sure if it's for hockey or gymnastics.

They played the newly-Mauriced Winnipeg Jets last night, and the Jets were eager to impress their new coach. The Blues don't have to impress anyone, and the Coyotes are playing like they don't want to impress anybody. They sit at ninth in the Western Conference, languishing in the difficult Pacific Division. Life isn't easy when you have to deal with the Californian teams. Phoenix has my sympathies.

You know, normally. Tonight? Pfffffft.

Check back later on for a Lighting the Lamp, a game preview, and the GDT will drop about half an hour before the puck does. While you're waiting, head over to Five for Howling and say hi to the nice people over there. Ask if it's a dry heat. I've heard people from Arizona love that.