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Tuesday Links - Howl At The Moon

Blues host Phoenix. Steen and Polak say hello; Lapierre does not. Midpoint musings. Redacted CIII Week In Review. Brandon Sutter was #PensDong. Clark the Cub is pederast. The Hills comes to St. Louis. And LED shepherding. Hockeyed Con-Test!

"I would never hurt you, Jaro. The Asylum, on the other hand . . . ."
"I would never hurt you, Jaro. The Asylum, on the other hand . . . ."
Derek Leung

The Western Conference is physical. Not sure if you knew that.


  • The Blues host the Phoenix Coyotes tonight. Alexander Steen skated with the team and participated in contact drills Monday. It's not likely he'll be in the lineup. Roman Polak, though, might play. Also, Maxim Lapierre is day-to-day with the dreaded "Lower Body Injury". And Jaroslav Halak starts tonight, so get the knives sharpened in case he fails, because you know you will! [In The Slot / Lou Korac]
  • Hildy evaluates the Blues in three sectors of the game in her midseason evaluation. She's a teacher and all. [SLGT]


  • For all things Coyotes, go and visit Five For Howling. [Five For Howling]
  • And they played last night. And lost. Badly. To the Jets, in Winnipeg. They weren't pleased about it. [Five For Howling]


  • Four games last night. They all completed with finals and shit. [ 01/13/14]
  • Eleven games tonight. I hear one of them is in St. Louis. [ 01/14/14]
  • Dallas shits the bed and other things from Obscene Alex's [Redacted] Conference III Week In Review. [III Communication]
  • Apparently, Ryan Lambert doesn't particularly care for Brian Burke being in charge of his Flames, if you believe everything he says in this week's What We Learned piece. [Puck Daddy]
  • #PensDong? Brandon Sutter was the culprit. [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette / Empty Netters]
  • If I were asked to drop a ceremonial first puck, I'd throw Steve Ott out of the faceoff circle too. Good on you, kid. [Puck Daddy]
  • The Leafs Nation describes each of Dave Nonis and Randy Carlyle in five words. It ain't pretty. [The Leafs Nation]
  • Star of "The Wolf of Wall Street", Margot Robbie, is a huge New York Rangers fan. I would've never guessed hockey to be a thing in Australia, actually. [Puck Daddy]
  • Mikhail Grigorenko was reassigned to his junior team, the Quebec Remparts, by the Sabres over the weekend. He wasn't going to accept his assignment, but on Monday he finally did. [Buffalo Hockey Beat]
  • The Stadium Series game at Dodger Stadium is going to be the most Southern California event ever. Don't believe me? Oh, ye of little faith. This is much like a St. Louis outdoor hockey game having three beer league softball diamonds. [Puck Daddy]


  • Louie has been supplanted in the title of "Most Pederast Sports Mascot in the Midwest". Clark the Cub takes that belt, apparently with pride. [Deadspin]
  • There's a The Hills-style reality show being cast among St. Louis area residents. If you're applying, you have competition. And it's mighty stiff. I won't be watching, mind you. (S/T to J-Mill, my links partner in crime) [Riverfront Times]


Life as a sheep farmer in Wales must be boring. (S/T to Kate):

Farmers aren't nerds? Yeah, fuck that. Farmers are awesome.

You have links. Maybe some videos too. In the words of Pedro Cerrano from Major League . . . "Bring that shit to me, mang!":

Check back later (Or, stick around, whatever) for some more info on tonight's Blues home match with the Coyotes.

And if you're headed to the DrinkScotch tonight, be a good person . . . and spend a fiver on a Game Time rag. Best money you'll ever spend.