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Ducks At Blues Morning Open Thread: Best In The West

Alexander Steen returns for the Blues, as they take on their second straight Californian team.

Dilip Vishwanat

You might recall a common theme throughout nearly every game against a team from the Golden State: the Blues have struggled and lost. Slow starts, periods taken off, lack of concentration, you can name every reason you can think of for why they don't play well against the Kings, Sharks, and Ducks. Aside from the 5-0 win against the Kings back on January 2nd, the Blues haven't exactly been racking up the goals in these games.

Luckily tonight they're getting their not-so-secret weapon back: Alexander Steen.

Chances are good we're going to see some lines tonight that haven't played together for a while as coach Ken Hitchcock works his team's leading goal scorer back into the line-up. The original S-O-B line will be back together, and that could give backup goaltender Frederik Andersen some headaches. Or it could give Jonas Hiller some headaches - depends on who Bruce Boudreau puts in after last night's game against Chicago.

The Ducks have the best record in the NHL, with 77 points. Boudreau has them rolling, which is his regular season specialty. And, to make the whole situation worse, Teemu Selanne may not be in tonight because he doesn't play the second game of back-to-backs. STL's missing out on the farewell tour. Unfair!

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