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Blues At Red Wings Morning Open Thread: Hello, Old "Friends"

It's been a while since these two rivals duked it out, but now that they're in different Conferences, is the rivalry dead?

We will never have to worry about his ass again.
We will never have to worry about his ass again.
Dave Sandford

Something fans of the Blues wondered after the NHL's re-alignment, after they celebrated, was "hey, are the Blues and Wings still rivals?"

Wings fans probably didn't give a thought because a) they honestly don't consider the Blues to be part of a rivalry and b) they figured they were going to just wipe the floor with the Eastern Conference. Leastern, really, amiright?

Well, the Wings haven't exactly run away with the Atlantic Division let alone the conference. They're in fifth place, behind the Toronto Maple Leafs, and are only four games above .500. They're basically in fifth place by virtue of their 10 overtime/SO losses, to be honest.

This isn't because Mike Babcock has mysteriously forgotten how to coach, or because the Wings have let the dregs of the East rub off on them. They've been beat up and broken all season. For those of you who watched the latest installment of 24/7, it was basically a list of the walking wounded; every week, someone was getting hurt. This has led the Wings to have to ice most of the Grand Rapids Griffins at some point or the other this season.

Regardless of how beat up either team is, the games between the Blues and Wings are always rough, chippy, and fun to watch. Here's to no phantom calls, like the one on David Backes from last season or whatever the hell happened here on Saturday:

I guess the Kings got Kron-netted.

Anywho, check back later on for a game preview from CCR, a game day thread, and a recap of (hopefully) a win. While you're killing time, head over to our ol' buddies at Winging It In Mowtown and tell them that you miss them. Remember (and this goes for all of you Wings fans swinging by here) you're on enemy turf and you're playing by enemy rules.