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Blues At Rangers Morning Open Thread: New York State Of Mind

The Blues need to bounce back in a big way tonight against the New York Rangers after an atrocious showing in Newark.

Christian Petersen

The Blues should be well rested after a day of sightseeing yesterday. Just wandering around the Big Apple, looking at stuff, taking pictures, trying to figure out the name of noted national landmarks... the usual:

This is Schwartz's first time in the Big Apple, and the trip should be special for him. Not for the sightseeing, and not for the chance to play at Madison Square Garden. Tomorrow night, in New Haven, the Yale Women's Hockey Team is hosting a "White Out For Mandi" in honor of Schwartz's big sister, who passed away three years ago from leukemia. The game comes between two games against New York Teams, and Schwartz had to ask for time away from practice. Instead, the whole team gets a day away to support their young teammate. The Blues will be attending the white out with Schwartz.

"I think this commitment to attend the White Out for Mandi speaks volumes about the depth of the Blues organization," Carol Schwartz said. "This is a true reflection of the heart and soul of the Blues family -- a family that drafted Jaden knowing full well that during the draft Jaden’s heart, mind and soul were in the midst of the greatest tragedy he would probably ever face. A family that stood by him, that supported him throughout, that provided him with opportunities when the time was right and now a family that will stand by him as he for the first time walks into Ingalls Rink and skates in the arena that his sister Mandi so loved and cherished."

The support that this organization has for each other is impressive. Tonight is time to show a different, more superficial kind of support. Goal support. Defensive support. Showing up to play. Showing the fanbase that the slump is over.

This is your morning open thread. Check back for a CCR preview, your GDT and hopefully a happier RBR recap (though the .gifs were priceless). Until the preview drops, head over to Blueshirt Banter and introduce yourself.