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Thursday Links - Finding MSG In Your Hockey

Blues in Manhattan. Army ain't scared. Skip Tracer finds Jason Bacashihua. Podcast. Hullie rules. One fan's concerns. Defenseman swap. Nathan Gerbe disrespects the shit out of hockey. Beer-flavored jelly beans. Football. And Onrait/O'Toole. Game day!

Hey Vlad . . . STOP BEING SICK.
Hey Vlad . . . STOP BEING SICK.
Dilip Vishwanat

Everyone plays everyone twice. The New NHL!


  • The Blues square off with the Rangers at Madison Square Garden in Manhattan tonight. Regarding the Blues' recent struggles, Doug Armstrong isn't going to make any rash decisions because of them. Because, well, no shit. [StL Today]
  • Remember Jason Bacashihua? Hoosier Blue does, and he tracked him down in his latest Skip Tracer piece. Bacashihua is not doing so hot these days, career-wise. [SLGT]
  • Beyond Checkerdome, Episode 27. We forgot to mention that it was the Alex Pietrangelo edition of the podcast. I blame the Denver Broncos . . . y'know, because I was drunk with . . . euphoria. Yeah, that's it. [SLGT]
  • Kelly Chase recalls the time Brett Hull swiped the keys to Bob Berry's Jaguar and the two set off for some fun east of the river. That and more great stuff in this RFT piece that made it to Deadspin yesterday. Brett Hull is the fucking greatest. [Riverfront Times]
  • Bill Bigs with a FanPost about Blues line arrangements and other stuff. [SLGT]



  • Originally, there were only supposed to be three games yesterday, but that whole snowstorm kept the Flyers in Philly so they had to have four. Also, Fuck Chicago. But also, Fuck Detroit. [ 01/22/14]
  • Ten games tonight. Best one's in Manhattan, I hear. (But then, it's probably not the best one, but fuck it, it is.) [ 01/23/14]
  • Hockey hugs! Remember, you'll never see the Blues in this because apparently our players hate fun. Or something. Fuck, I dunno. [Puck Daddy]
  • "Nathan Gerbe disrespected the shit out of Steve Mason there. Get that little shit out of hockey." -- Adam Oates, if Nathan Gerbe were a European (yeah, I went there) [SB Nation]
  • Ryan Lambert's weekly Power Rankings includes shots at the aforementioned Steve Mason (and the Flyers), a shitty hat Dion Phaneuf chose to wear, Eugene Melnyk, Darryl Katz and John Tortorella. [Puck Daddy]
  • Someone parked in front of the Oilers' administration office in an SUV towing a large sign that read "KEVIN LOWE MUST GO". Yeah, they're not too happy with things up in Ed-Money. [Edmonton Journal]
  • Well this is something . . . a legendary Nashville news anchor imagines the show "Nashville" based on the Perds. Dude's got a sweet mustache, too. [III Communication]


  • BEER-FLAVORED JELLY BEANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (S/T to @genejordan, who has an SB Nation name but I forgot it actually, sorry dude.) [Beer Pulse]
  • Think sports are unsafe now? Here's a look at football in 1905 and the deaths that resulted from it (or, in some cases, where deaths were THOUGHT to have resulted from it). This excellent piece includes bits from an interview with Dr. Matthew Matava, orthopedic surgeon of the St. Louis Rams (and the specialist I saw when my knee was all jacked up in 2011 . . . really swell fella). [Deadspin]


Just Jay Onrait and Dan O'Toole doing work:

More tame than previous clips, but still good.

And I am relieved of my links duties for the week, barring technical problems. Have some links? Send 'em to my pal J-Mill:

And swing by here later for more words, analysis, news and other shit from our awesomely vulgar staff regarding tonight's game at Madison Square Garden.