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Blues At Islanders Morning Open Thread: Funky Nassau

The Blues stay in New York for the last game of their Eastern Conference roadtrip. Can they keep Kyle Okposo and John Tavares from being an issue?

Dilip Vishwanat

The New York Islanders are written off sometimes by people. Last place! Terrible team! Ancient arena! They may be last place in the Metro, but the team above them? The Washington Capitals, and the Islanders are on the upswing. They're not a bad team - they're young, and they are unpolished. But wow, when they want to, they can turn it on. They lost their last game against the Pittsburgh Penguins 6-4. Imagine what they could do with stable goaltending! Why, they may not've even lost to the Blues last month 5-1, even.

That may need to be what the Blues focus on - push hard, score early, and don't sleepwalk through the defense. Captain John Tavares is one of the best in the game. If he played for a team that was closer to the top of the standings, he'd be a superstar. He deserves that title regardless; the Isles have a real gem there.

It's an early game with a 12:00 puck drop. Crawl on out of bed, get your 12 pack ready, and enjoy some matinee hockey. While you're (briefly) waiting for your preview and game day thread, hit up Friend of Game Time Dominik and his blog Lighthouse Hockeyaround a while - they're kings of subtle mockery.