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Sunday Links: Distinct Clicking Motion

Upon further review, the Blues win, Chipper Jones hates trees, and Andy Dwyer tells the classic children's tale of when evil was defeated by hockey!

Maxim Lapierre plays Leap Frog with Thomas Hickey, to the disgust of the old blonde lady in the second row. Also, tell me that little boy on the right isn't a freakin' Bat Boy!
Maxim Lapierre plays Leap Frog with Thomas Hickey, to the disgust of the old blonde lady in the second row. Also, tell me that little boy on the right isn't a freakin' Bat Boy!
Christopher Pasatieri

Sorry, Thomas Vanek, but "distinct kicking motion" is NOT the same thing as an "intentional kicking motion." Therefor, no goal.

But I'm sure that won't come up in today's links, will it?


  • The Blues came from behind to beat the Islanders 4-3 in a shootout yesterday afternoon. Your recap from Ashley, aka, VeroBruttoAutoma. (Either I need to slow down watching The Sopranos or I need to stop Google Translating and learn Italian.) [SLGT]
  • Your Long Island perspective on the game, brought to you by Dominik of Lighthouse Hockey. The Islanders fans at LHH are being very reasonable and levelheaded with their acceptance of the NHL video review's deci-JK they're fucking pissed! They're as mad as hell and they're not going to take this anymore! [Lighthouse Hockey]
  • But the real question here: should Vanek's goal have cou-JK of course it shouldn't have counted! [SLGT]
  • The Blues finished off their Eastern road trip grabbing 6 out of 8 possible points...even if they did allow more goals than they scored...fuckin' Jersey...[STLToday]


  • The other scores from yesterday. Tyler Johnson of the Lightning scored a hat trick to beat the Avalanche 5-2, and Jonas Hiller & the Ducks shutout the Kings 3-0 outdoors in The House That Fear of Communism Built. [ 1/25]
  • Only 5 games today, the most notable being the continuation of the Stadium Series as the Rangers take on the Devils in The House That George Steinbrenner's Ego Built. Puck drops there at 11:30 central on NBC. Also, maybe Winnipeg can do something useful for a change and beat the Blackhawks in regulation. [ 1/26]
  • Gary Bettman called last night's Stadium Series game "a Hollywood production," which is true in the sense that it was a big budget, over hyped, thinly-veiled cash grab that no one really wanted to see happen in the first place. [Pro Hockey Talk]
  • John Fisher of In Lou We Trust makes the case that the Rangers-Devils rivalry is one that deserves to be in the national spotlight outdoors. [In Lou We Trust]
  • Steve Mason has a new mask that features several of his teammates as zombies, which is a very realistic interpretation of how the Flyers play. [Puck Daddy]
  • Remember that Steven Stamkos fella? Well he's started doing some light contact drills for the first time in his rehab, which is a huge step. Seeing how bad his injury was, the fact that he could possibly come back to play in Sochi must mean that kid has an adamantium skeleton. [ESPN]


  • You may remember Chris Kluwe, the former Vikings punter who alleged that he was cut from the team for being an outspoken ally of marriage equality and accused special teams coach Mike Priefer of making several homophobic remarks. A new development sees that Vikings placekicker Blair Walsh may have saved a number of text messages that would corroborate Kluwe's accusations. [Deadspin]
  • Have you ever had trouble keeping track of every area code in which Ludacris has hoes? Then do your homework and study this map, along with 8 other fascinating pop culture maps of the US, world, and even Middle Earth. [College Humor]
  • As we all know, only you can prevent forest fires! So where the hell were you earlier this week when Chipper Jones accidentally set the woods outside his house ablaze, huh? You really dropped the ball there, dude. [SBNation]


Parks & Recreation is arguably the funniest sitcom on TV today - so much so that the scenes they cut from the show are better than half the shit on TV. One of those deleted scenes from this past week's episode featured Andy (Chris Pratt) singing to us the classic children's tale: Sudden Death starring Jean-Claude Van Damme. (With a short intro from Adam Scott.)

Today, January 26th, is the birthday of some guy who used to coach the Coyotes, but more importantly, it's Ellen DeGeneres' birthday. Here's hoping she gets to celebrate with some cheese.

Tomorrow's Monday, so be sure to tell Tyler what to post. You have the power (assuming you have the internet).

It's also Prospect Sunday, so stop by & see how the kids are doing.