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Monday Links - WHAT AM UH ROOMER

Ryan Miller did not get traded to the Blues overnight. Get back to your bunker, and if you believed any of that bullshit, get fucked with a rusty hammer. Or click some links instead!

We're more likely to see this gal in net for the Blues tomorrow than Ryan Miller.
We're more likely to see this gal in net for the Blues tomorrow than Ryan Miller.
Christopher Pasatieri

Want to start shit? Act like you're a member of the front office of a team that has a shitload of money and sucks dick at hockey.



  • Scores. Martin Brodeur did not do well yesterday afternoon in the Bronx. TRADE HIM TO THE BLUES HE CAN'T DO WORSE OH MY GOD. [ 01/26/14]
  • Six games tomorrow. I bet Ryan Miller plays in the one he's expected to. BECAUSE FUCK YOUR TRADE RUMORS. [ 01/27/14]
  • As of this morning, Ryan Miller is still the starting goaltender of the Buffalo Sabres. YOUR TRADE RUMORS ARE SHIT.


  • There was something called a Pro Bowl last night. The Broncos didn't play in it. So I didn't care.


A couple from our Prospects Department. First, a penalty from last night's Blackhawks-Jets game that can only be explained by the ghosts of Chicago Stadium, because no one knows where it is. (S/T to BW):

I guess Mark Stuart boarded a fly into the ice.

By the way, despite that, the Blackhawks continue to hold the Conference III Crown of Shit.

And then, longform . . . Pink Floyd. Today is Nick Mason's birthday. He's the only member of Pink Floyd who's been around from the start and stayed in, as Brian will note. SOAK IT IN. (S/T, also, to BW, who says this was HUGE in the forming of his own musical talents):

Set the controls for the heart of the sun.

Want to be regionally famous? Send links!

And join me tomorrow for a further odyssey.