On panic buttons, overconfidence and the screwing of the pooch. (Part Duex)


In the Spring of 2012 I posted this article about how the Blues were going to blow it in spite of all the promise that we had going into the playoffs. We had our second best record in franchise history (yes, I know the loser point cheapens it so save your keystrokes) and almost won the President's trophy, yet many of us knew something was amiss.

As you may remember, we didn't win the Cup that year, so I am basically a prophet.

Something about the last few games is starting to feel all too familiar. We won a game in NY that we probably should of lost (and I don't mean 'the kick' because that was definitely NOT a goal), I mean the fact that we got outplayed for 40/60 minutes AGAIN.

We got rolled by the Kings and the Ducks. We won a game in Detroit that featured us getting outplayed at the outset and could have easily gone the other way as well. Add in the brutal violation at the hand of the ho-hum Devils and we have ONE win in our last 6 that we earned with a solid effort.


Is our 'play the whole 60' mantra going to have to turn into 'play the whole 82?'

In the games we usually start with as much vigor as a sloth on a stroll and finish like a hellfire taking out a terrorist.

Is the season turning into the inverse? We build up momentum then we coast?

Some quotes from the original...

This sudden departure from the things that we did that made us successful is infuriating.

Unfortunately, in the real fucking world, teams have figured out the magic trick. ...people notice and do crazy shit like watch game tape and study the system...but not to find our flaws and kick our ass.

We are preparing to screw the pooch. We've got our lube and our peanut butter on standby and our drawers are undone. If someone doesn't wake us the hell up ASAP, we are going to have another brief, disappointing playoff season.

A bit alarmist this early, but its the same disease that has killed up before...only at an earlier stage.

Guess is still curable. (Maybe)

The Blues are on a pace to have over 120 points, which is epic even with the loser point. Our points percentage and Simple Ranking System rating are the highest in our franchise history.

In 11/12 we had 3 players over 50 points. In 99/00 we had 4. This year we are on a pace for 8.

in 11/12 we had 210 goals for. In 99/00 we had 248. This year we are on place for 283.

We have 3 threatening lines and one of the toughest 4th lines in the NHL.

We have recent franchise players like Derek Roy and future stars like Vladamir Tarasenko playing on the 3rd line.

This is a stacked team...

So why cant we win?

We don't have the injury trouble we had 2 years ago, don't have the players coming back and messing up the chemistry.

(In related news, we also don't have any serious chemistry, Hitch mixes lines so damn much no group ever really finds a groove.)

Unlike 2 years ago, we aren't actually "in" the playoffs yet. We can't blame it on 'trying ti stay healthy for the games that matter."

Are we just masochists who can only play hard once it starts hurting?

I will pose basically the same questions I did 2 years ago in the poll below.



And we can compare.

Maybe the hockey gods will be please with our sacrifice and this team won't be another in a long line of St. Louis Blues teams that failed to live up to their potential.

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