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Devils At Blues Morning Open Thread: Time To Rebound

The Blues would love to make up for the 7-1 curbstomping that the Devils gave them more than a week ago.

Nick Laham

So, apparently these two teams've played all ready this season. Really? I don't reca-


Oh, there's that memory. Thanks.

The Blues lost to the Devils in a 7-1 shellacking that puzzled all of us. The slow start wasn't shocking, but the continuing sluggishness certainly was. The Blues looked like they got into Newark at 4 AM and then slept in their locker stalls. Tonight? They should be rested. Two days off might just put some spring in their step.

This could well be Martin Brodeur and Jaromir Jagr's last trip to St. Louis - though after allowing six goals on Sunday afternoon, Marty should be watching from the bench.

Alexander Steen has a four game point streak going - let's see if he can't make it five.

This is your morning open thread. Wait for some Lighting the Lamp and a preview by heading over to In Lou We Trust and saying hello to the fine folks over there.