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Recap: Blues get 'Caned in Carolina, 3-1

Tonight was just a load of $#!T. Just rawr Blues.

Look at how pretty the snow is in the air...
Look at how pretty the snow is in the air...
James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

Well this wasn't NEARLY as bad as the non-effort in Jersey but DAMN it was still pretty bad... so I am going to put in like HALF the effort I normally put into these recaps.

First Period

Slow start. Lots of stupid penalties (some on questionable calls). Canes scored on opening power play. Period was pretty much the Bermuda Triangle of hockey. Backes somehow scored.

Second Period

Two minutes in Carolina scores. Blues looked bored for 20 minutes. Vladimir Tarasenko got less Ice time then Chris "So Close" Stewart. Fuck off officials. Fuck this game.

Third Period

The third period was a better effort against the tired Hurricanes. There were heavy hits, Angry Russians and some actual hockey playing happening. Goal posts were hit. NUMEROUS times. Seriously why do I even try with this shit. BLAH!

Reactions to the Game

My reaction to the first period.

Anger Panda

When the officiating was crappy Blues fans be like:

Angery JLaw

What I imagine happened in between every period: Anger Blonde guy

When the 'Canes scored the 3rd goal, in an empty net:

Glee Rage

When the officials took fucking FOREVER to blow play dead and help a hurt Sobe:

Fucking Perfect

When I realized I had to recap this shit:

Brave Anger

The Player of the game was honestly Jaroslav Halak. The man played his fucking heart out but his team just couldn't perform in front of him. Hats off to you, Jaro.

Gold Star