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GameThread For Columbus Blue Jackets At St. Louis Blues, Jan 4, 2014

The Blue Jackets are in town for their one and only visit. Will the Blues be able to make it a season sweep?

Teach 'em how to Bergie
Teach 'em how to Bergie

The bitter cold hasn't quite hit St. Louis yet, but the Columbus Blue Jackets might get frozen out tonight by the Blues. The line-up is coming back bit by bit, and Brian Elliott has won his last 12 games at Scottrade. Factor in a (hopefully) sold-out crowd for the third game in a row, and tonight might be the perfect way to warm up before the deep freeze.

This is your gameday thread. If you're at the game, make sure that Horton hears more than a who. Let's get some David Backes back into the game. Let's do this. Let's Go Blues.