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Sunday Brunch: Blues beat Blue Jackets, Something Something Site Traffic

Click some links. Namely, these links.

Dilip Vishwanat

Six more goals last night? Ho-hum. I am a bit disappointed that they changed Barret Jackman's goal to Bergie. Give Jax a break, man!


  • The Blues came back from 2-0 down in the first to rout the Blue Jackets 6-2, because that's just what the Blues do these days. Your recap from Ashley, aka, VerilyWrongRobocop. [SLGT]
  • Your outsider perspective from Buckeye country. Believe it or not, they were none too happy. [The Cannon]
  • Jake Allen was recalled before last night's game, while Chris Porter was sent back to Chicagoland. But more importantly... [Blues]
  • ...Alexander Steen has resumed skating, although not yet with the rest of the team. Still, it's a step. [Frozen Notes]
  • Brian Elliott has perseverance. Which is great if you're making an 80's sports movie montage,, whatevs. Good for Ells. [STLToday]
  • Surely you've seen it by now (unless you were actively avoiding it, but that's up to you), but, I recently flip-flopped on the 'Ryan Miller' issue, and on Friday I officially made my case. If you haven't go on and jump into the debate! [SLGT]
  • ...Which was followed by CanesAndBluesFan crunching some other numbers on the subject. Please jump into that debate as well. [SLGT]


  • Lots of games last night. Patrik Berglund wasn't the only guy to notch a brace yesterday. In fact, seven different players scored two or more times, led by Ryan Suter's first career hat trick. [ 1/4]
  • Five games tonight, with Sharks-Blackhawks looking like the highlight. [ 1/5]
  • For the second straight year, Canada will play and probably lose hilariously to Russia in the World Juniors Bronze Medal game this morning, while hosts Sweden will face off against their bitter rival Finland for the Gold. Meanwhile, America will continue being America, so when you think about it, who's really winning here? Here's a real good history lesson to get you ready for a Sweden-Finland match. [World Junior Championships]
  • The Kings traded Daniel Carcillo to the Rangers for a 7th round draft pick, which is kind of like you giving me a scratch off lottery ticket that you found on the street, and in return I try and run you into the boards face first from behind. [Puck Daddy]
  • The Kings had to make that roster space because Jonathan Quick returned last night not a game too soon. (By which I mean that Thursday's game would have been a game too soon.) LA beat the Canucks 3-1. [Pro Hockey Talk]


  • Some shows, like Breaking Bad or Mad Men, are famous for their plot twists that you could never see coming in a million years. But sometimes you don't notice them because you're a fucking idiot who just wasn't paying attention when they pretty much told you exactly what was going to happen beforehand, sometimes literally years in advance. Here are 6 examples. Don't feel too bad though, because I've seen every episode of Arrested Development at least 4-5 times (and some episodes so many I'd really rather not estimate a number) and I still never caught the one they listed here. Needless to say, this contains some spoilers. [Cracked]
  • If you live here in the St. Louis metropolitan area, it's supposed to be snowy as fuck outside today. So be careful. But also, don't drive too slow either, because I have to work today and I'm going to get lots of shit if I'm late. Just saying. [STLToday]


Hey, sorry about yesterday, I passed the fuck out and forgot to link. As an apology, here's what would have been Science Saturday: the three biggest scientific achievements of 2013. And holy shit were they big ones.

Cats playing patty cake.

Send DonutKing links. So he can link them, and everyone can click them. It's not fucking rocket science.

It's Prospect Sunday, so read what Brian has for you. Or don't, but that would have dire consequences. Don't say I didn't warn you.