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Monday Links - Coffee With Your Snowmageddon?

Prospects. More goalie debate. An old emergency backup gets another shot. Manon Rheaume lives. Excessive drinking in Iowa, even by our standards. And more Jay & Dan. Have some coffee with your snowmageddon, will you?

"No one told me allowing a goal to Vladimir Sobotka was EXACTLY like getting kicked square in the nuts."
"No one told me allowing a goal to Vladimir Sobotka was EXACTLY like getting kicked square in the nuts."
Dilip Vishwanat

Most of you are getting bombarded with snow, and back here in Montana it's just freezing balls cold without snow. So you get some light links today.

If you don't HAVE to travel, don't travel. Don't be like the Southern Illinois basketball team (more on that later).

Alright, here we go:


  • Prospect Sunday! B lets you know who is trending up and what everyone is up to in the Blues farm system. [SLGT; SLGT]
  • A lot of discussion around SLGT regarding goalies. Well, CanesAndBluesFan throws another name out there . . . Tim Thomas, who won a Cup with the Bruins, if you may recall. [SLGT]
  • Speaking of goaltenders . . . Jake Allen was sent back down to the Chicago Wolves before the team headed for Edmonton. [Blues]


  • Five scores yesterday. FUCK CHICAGO. [ 01/05/14]
  • Four contests tonight. [ 01/06/14]
  • Rob Laurie is the go-to guy for teams that need an emergency backup goaltender in southern California, apparently. Less than a year after serving as the Ducks' emergency backup goalie, he serves as the Canucks' emergency backup goalie AGAINST the Ducks. [USA Today / For The Win]
  • Sabres youngster Tyler Myers hit Devils forward Dainius Zubrus high. So he's gonna have to talk to the Department of Player Safety about it today. []
  • We recorded Episode 25 of Beyond Checkerdome, and briefly we spoke about the Rheaume family. Pascal Rheaume, of course, wore number 25 for the Blues briefly, but her sister Manon was more famous for being the only female to play in the NHL. Here's a story on her in French (translator recommended if reading en Francais is not your thing, though it's choppy as hell). (S/T to CrossCheckRaise) [La Presse]
  • Mikhail Grabovski spent the whole game Saturday wearing a Capitals sweater that had his name misspelled. [Puck Daddy]


  • When you're so drunk that your BAC will not register on a breathalyzer test . . . you . . . are . . . fucking . . . wasted. (S/T to CrossCheckRaise) [Y! Odd News]
  • And here's what I'm talking about with Southern Illinois' basketball team. Their bus was stranded on I-57 outside of Champaign on their way back to Carbondale from Bloomington-Normal. Stay. The fuck. Home. Don't go anywhere if you don't have to. [Chicago Tribune]


More great stuff from Jay Onrait and Dan O'Toole. Only a couple repeats from previous material here:

They are simply great.

Snowed in? Send some links! You'll thank yourself later: