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Goalie Options: Martin Brodeur

Another possible gun-for-hire

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Marty Brodeur. Not the favorite goalie of the Analytics community. There was/is a website (sort-of) dedicated to him. Actually a pretty good site.

Supposedly there is some history between the Blues and Brodeur. Back in 1995, the Blues were pariahs. They had signed Scott Stevens as a free agent. You didn't sign free agents. They had signed Brendan Shanahan. As punishment, the league awarded Stevens to the Devils. Anyway, in the summer of 1995, the Blues had two free agents on their radar: Shane Corson and Martin Brodeur. They signed Corson. League rules said two first round draft picks had to be given to the Oilers. The Blues then traded Curtis Joseph and Mike Grier to the Oilers for those two picks. The Blues then signed Brodeur. The league invalidated the deal on the basis that the Blues didn't have draft picks to give the Devils. The Blues' two picks were not "the Blues' two picks" because of the Corson deal. Brodeur resigned with the Devils and the Blues went on to be the Blues we know and love/hate.

Brodeur is 0.921 ES for his career, 0.905 this season. Career in the playoffs: 3 Stanley Cups, 113-91, 0.919 overall save percentage, 2.02 GAA. He has a NTC. At $4.5m, Brodeur for a draft pick puts the Blues well over the cap.