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Thursday Links - I'm Not There This Time

Blues in Cal/Gary. I'm not there. Halak back in goal. Beyond Checkerdome. Inglourious Backes. Fuck Chicago. League-wide attendance is good. Good on Landeskog. Respect for Ray Ratto and Dan LeBatard. And more Jay & Dan. Za Hockeez.

"The ice is not a toilet, Teej. I'm not bringing you a bucket." -- Ray Barile
"The ice is not a toilet, Teej. I'm not bringing you a bucket." -- Ray Barile
Derek Leung

Remember December 23rd? That third period still pisses me off, but only because I saw it up close and personal and because of the homophobic asshole I sat next to that night. Hopefully the team agrees with my sentiment and avenges the loss.


  • So yes, after beating the Oilers in Ed-money on Tuesday, the Blues return to southern Alberta to play the Flames tonight. Jaroslav Halak will return to action for the first time since getting violently ill. [Twitter / @jprutherford]
  • T.J. Oshie is day-to-day and might be available tonight after leaving late in Tuesday's game with a knee injury. [Twitter / @jprutherford]
  • J-Mill runs down the list of Canadians in the path of David Backes and the Blues ahead of the Olympics. It's really too bad Captain America has had injury issues lately, or else this would be awesome to track. [SLGT]
  • Beyond Checkerdome Episode 25 went up yesterday. Try to catch all the movie references! [SLGT]


  • I somehow forgot to link The Copper & Blue on Tuesday for the Oilers game. Not making the same mistake today . . . check out the folks at Matchsticks & Gasoline for everything Flames. And boy, if you want people that are committed . . . support your local SB Nation Battle of Alberta blogs, because the teams for these two blogs have had a shitty go of it this season. [Matchsticks & Gasoline]


  • Three games last night. HAHA FUCK CHICAGO. [ 01/08/14]
  • Tonight! Nine games on the ninth day of January. I hear there's one in Calgary. [ 01/09/14]
  • The National Hockey League is averaging more sellouts this season than the National Basketball Association. No wonder Bill Laurie wanted an NBA team . . . oh wait. [CSN Chicago]
  • The Puck Daddy / Yahoo! Sports staff gives their midseason award picks. Some appearances by Blues players/personnel, with no winners. Not shockingly. [Puck Daddy]
  • Sharks coach Todd McLellan was pissed after the Sharks' 3-2 loss to the Predators on Tuesday night, basically because his goalie was interfered with and hey, if he'd gotten a chance to challenge the ruling, he'd have done it. Kinda important for a team battling for position in a contentious Pacific Division. And really, who wants to lose to a Pekka Rinne-less Perds team? [San Jose Mercury News]
  • The Penguins, Olympic snubs, milestones and more make Ryan Lambert's weekly Puck Daddy Power Rankings. [Puck Daddy]
  • Gabriel Landeskog of the Avalanche(s) joined forces with the You Can Play Project, and with that, every NHL team has a representative of YCP. Awesome stuff, guys. Thank you. [You Can Play Project]
  • One of the hopes Kate and I have right now is that we can save enough money to go to the Pyeongchang, South Korea Winter Olympics in 2018. But if the NHL doesn't send its' players, I doubt we'll go. And guess what? There's already buzz that the NHL may pull back from the next Olympics. And yeah, fuck that . . . if it happens. [Wall Street Journal]


  • I've not always been a big fan of Ray Ratto, but holy shit, with this one, he gains all my respect. He reveals his Hall of Fame ballot and lets us know that, hey, no one gives a shit about his opinions. (S/T to Gabe, aka @thestlcardsfan4) [CSN Bay Area]
  • Speaking of the Baseball Hall of Fame, one HoF voter turned his vote over to the readers of Deadspin. It was revealed as Dan LeBatard. And contrary to popular belief, he did not sell it to Deadspin. People still bitched about it anyway, because baseball. I say Dan LeBatard is awesome for this, because seriously, fuck Hall of Fame voting and its' stuffy protractors. [Deadspin]
  • When I own a home and it bursts into flames, this is how I imagine we'll all be saved. Yes, I'm a bit of a snorer. [Y! Odd News]


Let's go back to the best of Jay Onrait and Dan O'Toole from the month of November, shall we? Even throws in a reference to one of Jeff Marek's favorite shows of all time . . . The Littlest Hobo!

So that's it from me this week. J-Mill has your weekend. And like me, he wants your link and video love. So give it to him, fuckers:

And look for more information later regarding tonight's matchup at the Saddledome along the mighty Bow River in lovely downtown Calgary.