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Blues Shot Tracker Update: Blues shooting at 12% season to date. 21% when within 30 feet of the goal.

The Blues score on 1 out of every 5 shots they take within 30 feet of the center of the goal line. One out of every five. I like those odds.

Dilip Vishwanat

I previously posted this shot tracker last month.  It is one of the visualizations that I will be updating and reposting on a regular basis.

Going into tonight's game versus Calgary, the Blues' shot percentage is at 12% with their last three games being well above their season average (to date) of 12%.  Tip-in goals have the best success for the team at 46% while they are only shooting 8% for their slapshots.  According to this NHL play-by-play data they have yet to score a wrap-around goal this season.

When looking at success from different distances, the Blues are shooting 21% within 30 feet of the center of the goal line.  At that distance their slapshots are the most deadly.  They score on 42% of the slapshots they take within 30 feet.  When shooting from 30 feet or beyond they are 6% overall.  Most of those shots are wrist shots that only score 5% of the time.

The Blues latest star, Jaden Schwartz, is currently shooting at 17% and is finding the most success with his snap shot. He is scores 36% of the time with his snap shot from an average distance of 32 feet. Though he has scored most of his goals with his wrist shot (9).

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