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Friday Links: Fluke...I Am Your Father

The Blues drop their opener in the weirdest way possible, Jagr jumps Y, Landon Donovan says goodbye, and #OttSpot begins.

"Sorry for all this crop-dusting. I had White Castle for dinner."
"Sorry for all this crop-dusting. I had White Castle for dinner."
Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

If you and I were playing a game on NHL 15 and that bounce off the glass had happened on XBox, you'd probably demand we restart the game on the grounds that that play isn't physically possible in real life. And I'd restart the game because I would think you were right.

BTW, I haven't seen a replay yet, but that fantastic Vladimir Tarasenko goal that tied the game? For some reason that's been changed to Paul Stastny.


  • The Blues lost 3-2 to the defending Eastern Conference champs the Rangers, and the flukiest fluke bounce you'll ever see. [In the Slot]
  • The Manhattan point of view: [Blueshirt Banter]
  • If you're reading this and you don't have the full season subscription to St. Louis Game Time print edition, you should feel ashamed of yourself. But luckily for you, now you can buy individual issues electronically, so there's absolutely no excuse. [SLGT]
  • What can we expect from the stalwarts of the team, Alexander Steen, David Backes, T.J. Oshie, and Patrik Berglund this year? Statistically speaking? Probably some regression, especially from Steener - but if you honestly think you know what to expect from Bergie, then I'd love to get a hit of that shit, man, pass it along! (......don't do drugs, kids...) [SLGT]
  • Oh, and by the way, this decision came from Grant Sales just before puck drop last night:

  • Your scores from last night - 5 different teams scored 5 or more goals, 3 of which scored 6. [ 10/9]
  • Only game tonight is the Hurricanes hosting the Islanders. [ 10/10]
  • I didn't catch when it happened or how, but apparently Rangers dman Dan Boyle broke his hand last night and will be out 4-6 weeks. Damn, Dan Boyle must HATE early season games in St. Louis... [Pro Hockey Talk]
  • One of those 6 goal evenings came from the Penguins, who needed most of them to top Anaheim 6-4. Corey Perry notched himself a hat trick for the Ducks. (And for the Cleveland Steeners! Fantasy Hockey happy dance!) [Pensburgh]
  • Colorado's season-long regression to the mean got off to a fantastic start, as they lost to the Minnesota Wild 5-0, while being out-possessed 76%-24% at even strength and out-shot 47-16. But you know, I'm sure those 16 shots were quality shots. [Hockey Wilderness]
  • If the Blues hadn't played last night, there was one game that I would not have missed: Blackhawks vs Stars. In what sounded like a ridiculously fun back and forth game between arguably the two fastest teams in the NHL, Those Fuckers Up North won by a shootout winner by The Biggest Fucker. [The Committed Indian]
  • Jaromir Jagr passed Steve Yzerman last night to claim 6th on the NHL's all time points list, as the Devils beat the Flyers 6-4. [In Lou We Trust]
  • How bad are things in Edmonton? Unspeakably terrible. Also, the Oilers aren't very good either. Fans didn't even wait one entire game to start throwing their sweaters on the ice this year - he didn't even bother to take his phone out of the pocket! [Cooper & Blue]
  • Despite technically still being a player on the Flyers roster, Chris Pronger has officially been hired as a part of the NHL Department of Player Safety. [Puck Drunk Love]
  • ......and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. An explanation from The Father of The Puck (according to a test with an accuracy of 99%). [Puck Daddy]
  • The most annoying thing in the world is when hockey fans try to pull the "Hockey Players Are Better" card on the NBA or NFL, but it can't get any worse than Gary Bettman himself playing that card. Yesterday he was quoted saying "Our players know what's right and wrong." You know, other than Dany Heatley. Or Mike Danton. Or Seymon Varlamov. Or Doug Gilmour. Or Patrick Kane. Or Bobby Hull. Or... [SBNation NHL]
  • The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world that he was coaching the Capitals. Barry Trotz and the wallpaper in the Caps press room match up perfectly! [SBNation LookIt]
  • Who'll win all the individual awards this year? Apparently people think this "Sidney Crosby" guy is kinds good or something. [Puck Daddy]
  • Today, the American Outlaws and the US Soccer universe will get to cheer on Landon Donovan one last time, as the greatest soccer player the US has ever produced will don the red, white, and blue one last time before he retires later this year. The game, against Ecuador, kicks off at 6:00. Come on down to the Amsterdam Tavern on Morganford - the best soccer pub in St. Louis and the head quarters of our local chapter of the American Outlaws - to celebrate. There will be give aways, prizes, Schlafly on tap, and a great time had by all. Also, I'll be there. [Facebook Event]
  • Speaking of Schlafly, in a national taste test involving nearly 50 pumpkin ales from different microbrews around the country, Schlafly Pumpkin Ale was named the best! You can bet there'll be some of that at The Dam today! [Paste Magazine]
  • It's officially McDonald's Monopoly season, which means I'll be eating too much fast food. Actually, I always eat too much fast food - like, an embarrassing amount - but now more of it will be McNuggets than usual. Here are some facts about McDonald's Monopoly, including the odds of actually winning the $1 million prize. [mental_floss]

DK's theme this week was obscure country music. It's great that you guys sent so much stuff in, and while I'm not a huge country fan, I've always been a firm believer that good music is good music regardless of genre.

That said, fuck that country music hipster (or "hick-ster") nonsense.

Instead, relive Landon Donovan's rise from plucky little kid who got home sick & didn't want to play in Germany to a national sports icon.

If you've got some time (a half hour or so, that is), part of the ceremonies for opening night included honoring the history of the Blues and some of the biggest figures to wear The Note. You saw Bobby Plager, Garry Unger, Bernie Federko, Brett Hull, and Al MacInnis drop the puck last night (and if you got there early, you saw a special video with them too), but here's a ceremony entitled "5 Decades of Blues" from an invite-only event at Peabody Opera House.

Knock-off from the Cardinals or no, I love the Blues blazers. Here's hoping we see some more greats wearing one of those!

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