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Flames At Blues Game Preview: Blues Need To Rebound... And Shoot

The season opener wasn't the game that many fans were hoping for. Tonight is a perfect chance for the team to get back on the right footing.


I am not usually the kind of person to side with the drunk fan who, on the power play, screams "shooooooooooot." They drive me insane. Thursday night, I was that guy. Not drunk, not screaming, but someone who was very frustrated by missed chances and golden opportunities.

Vladimir Tarasenko missed quite a few golden chances, but he wasn't the only one. The guys seemed to be already buying in to the storyline that they were more mobile this year, that they were going to move the puck so well that other teams'd need to have their head on a swivel. You can't pull that against the Rangers, and it also doesn't matter how many times you pass or how well you move that puck if you don't direct it at the net.

Tarasenko shouldn't be scared to shoot against the Flames. Last year, as the Blues won the season series 2-0-1, he had two goals and two assists.

The Flames would like a winning streak behind new goaltender Jonas Hiller, but their last win came against a completely different level of team: the Edmonton Oilers, who dropped an embarrassing game Thursday night to the flames 5-2. People haven't started throwing jerseys on the ice in Edmonton yet, but they have started with hoodies (and cell phones).

Yep, it's hockey season in Alberta.

Need more evidence of that the Battle of Alberta may be more like a minor skirmish? The Flames will be without Jiri Hudler, who is ill, as well as David Jones. Brian McGrattan and Devin Setoguchi will be in instead.

The Blues should go with the same line-up that they iced on Thursday, though I would be surprised to see Pietrangelo and Cole pared together again. I think we may be able to pencil that in as a failed experiment. Brian Elliott is in goal again tonight; some people are quick to already point and laugh at the Blues' "failed goalie experiment." I like to rebut that with the fact that it's been one game, one of the goals against Ells was a breakaway because no one was paying attention to Chris Kreider, and one was a flukey bounce. Let's give the season at least a month before we start our annual goaltender freak-out, shall we?