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GameThread for Calgary Flames at St. Louis Blues, Oct 11, 2014

The Blues couldn't ask for a better opponent to bounce back against.

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

The Calgary Flames should be tired tonight, in theory. This is their third game in four nights. Jiri Hudler is sick with the flu, so it seems that Jay Bouwmeester isn't the only guy feeling a little under the weather. The Flames have lost their last four games at Scottrade, and are playing a goaltender with a career 1.80 GAA against them.

This may be the game that fans wished that they had on opening night, especially if the Blues push right out of the gate. They need to get a good start, because most of the folks in Scottrade'll start checking their phones around 7:00 when the Cardinals play the Giants in the NLCS. Get that good hockey going while people are paying attention.

This is your GDT. We won't judge if you watch baseball instead, though I will personally advocate for some form of multitasking (NLCS on TV, Blues on iPad for me). If you're downtown tonight, be careful. I hear it's going to be crowded.

Let's do this. Let's go Blues.