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Monday Links: Happy Wrong Thanksgiving!

A little late, but technically, it's two different holidays in North America today, so it's all good!

"I will stare holes through you until you pass me those mashed potatoes."
"I will stare holes through you until you pass me those mashed potatoes."
Billy Hurst-USA TODAY Sports

Things happened for me this weekend, apologies...but Tyler's away from his Links Headquarters today, so I'll help you click things this morning!


  • For some reason the NHL loves to give the Blues nearly an entire week off the first week of the season, so once again Hitch and the gang are on their Team Bonding Trip, this time in Palm Springs. [STLToday]
  • Dmitrij Jaskin, according to Hitchcock, could play in a top-6 role at the NHL level right now...but apparently that wasn't good enough to make the Blues 23 man roster. Oh, but Steve Ott is a top line player. (Marcus and Hall Plante both earn the assists on this one.) [The Hockey News]
  • Prospect Sunday yesterday looked at the start of the Wolves season, plus the usual trending up & look ahead. [SLGTSLGTSLGT]
  • Last night's scores. [ 10/12]
  • Today is Columbus Day, so there are Avalanche-Bruins and Ducks-Sabres matinees, plus Senators-Panthers and a Canadiens-Lightning rematch tonight. Today is also Canadian Thanksgiving, but strangely enough no games in Canada today. [ 10/13]
  • Believe it or not, we weren't the only bunch of schmucks to make some preseason predictions. Rob Vollman of Dobber Sports put together 92 different predictions, from The Hockey News to Puck Daddy to EA Sports' simulation to our drunk vulgar asses to get a general consensus of where everyone thinks everyone will end up. They split them up between the East and the West. (Sticktap to our own Robb, with 2 'b's.) [Dobber Sports (East)Dobber Sports (West)]
  • The Florida Panthers had their home opener this front of only 11,419, their lowest opener in franchise history. No word on how many rats were there. [Pro Hockey Talk]
  • The Rangers got shellacked by by the Maple Leafs last night 6-3, but luckily Rick Nash didn't have to deal with that bullshit too long - he scored his 4th goal of the year in the first period, then hightailed it out of there to become a father for the first time. Good on ya', nAsh ol' boy. [Blue Shirt Banter]
  • Those Assholes Out West notched their first win of the season last night against the Jets 4-1... [Arctic Ice Hockey]
  • ...but all Kings fans really cared about were the brilliant barrage of Matt Greene photoshops! (Seriously, see some more of these on Twitter![The Royal Half]
  • The Oilers aren't the only terrible Canadian team with fans so fed up that they're throwing apparel on the ice. Leafs fans have finally moved up from waffles to jerseys, and Nazem Kadri is not amused. [Puck Drunk Love]
  • Jonas Brodin has signed a 6 year extension with the Minnesota Wild, worth $4.167 mill/year. [Hockey Wilderness]
  • [singing] "The Avs're so don't even know! Still can't score a goal...their PDO is low." [Puck Daddy]
  • Andrew Shaw is a taint-stain. He notched Tyler Myers RIGHT in the Ron Tugnutts on Saturday...then got exactly what he deserved when Myers cold cocked him. As I think DK says a lot #HockeyPlayersNamedTylerHateAndrewShaw. Fuck that little asswipe! [The Score]
  • On Friday, Landon Donovan played his last game for the United States national soccer team. I wrote this column about what he has meant to the game here in The States. I'm actually kind of proud of this piece, so if you care even a little bit about soccer, give it a read if you have the time. [St. Louligans]
  • IF LAST NIGHT WAS WONG, I DON'T WANT TO BE WIGHT!!! ...I'll show myself out. [Viva el Birdos]
  • It's October, so here are 50 of the most haunted places in Illinois - many of which are right across the river! SO YOU HAVE NO EXCUSE! [Reboot Illinois]

To honor Columbus Day, we take a look at...why the hell we're still honoring Columbus Day.

Count Floyd is an old character from SCTV, a vampire who brought you the Horror Film of Week. Now he's back, in this music video. (Sticktap to C&BFan.)

DK's back tomorrow. Send him things to welcome him home!
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And if we do have any readers in The Great White North, happy Thanksgiving today! You're prematurely feasting, but it's okay it happens to everyone once in a while.