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Friday Links - Barrel-Racing Dachshund

Let's forget last night happened for a little bit . . . except for the time when I remind you that last night happened . . . and watch another adorable dachshund be awesome. Oh, and it's FRIDAY.

I am honestly not yet used to seeing 17 as "SCHWARTZ" instead of "SOBOTKA".
I am honestly not yet used to seeing 17 as "SCHWARTZ" instead of "SOBOTKA".
Stephen Dunn

If Jonathan Quick comes down with a sudden case of food poisoning, remember . . . it wasn't any of us.


  • The Blues out-Corsi'd the ever-loving FUCK out of Corsi-darlings, the Kings, last night. But they couldn't get any of their 43 shots past Jonathan Quick, and Jeff Carter scored the lone shootout goal by either side to give the Kings a 1-0 win. AND WE HAVE A RECAP! By my links partner-in-crime, J-Mill. [SLGT]
  • Before that game happened, Episode 56 of Beyond Checkerdome went to air. I want to point out that my prediction for Thursday night's score was NOT too TERRIBLY far from the truth. [SLGT]
  • The Ducks and Blues play each other on Sunday, and when they do, they'll be sporting uniforms that BOTH teams changed in the offseason. [Hockey By Design]
  • A little something on the Blues' goal horn. NOTE: It does NOT play "Song 2" by Blur at the end of it, so this might be a bit of horseshit. (S/T to HallPlante) []


  • One shitty score and six others. [ 10/16/14]
  • Six matches tonight, including an absolutely SCINTILLATING Conference III matchup . . . well, actually, it's just the Predators and the Jets, but y'know. [ 10/17/14]
  • The season's only four games in for the Oilers and they're already looking like a Connor McDavid Sweepstakes front-runner. [Puck Daddy]
  • Joe Louis Arena will become a tribute to the rest of the buildings in Detroit in 2017 . . . by getting demolished. [CBS Sports Eye on Hockey]
  • Wanna know a little somethin' about the history of professional hockey in North America? Well, today's your day! [SLGT]
  • Remember how all the #FancyStats folks said Semyon Varlamov had to be just as good as he was last year for the Avalanche(s) to be successful THIS year? Well, he's got a groin injury. So . . . uhhhhhhh, this could be bad for Colorado, depending on the severity. [CBS Sports Eye on Hockey]
  • The State of Illinois might have the most homegrown talent of any hockey state in the union. Yet, the state has ZERO D-I hockey programs. Get on it, University of Illinois. [SBN College Hockey]
  • Speaking of locals . . . St. Louis area guy Patrick Maroon is going to miss four weeks with an MCL sprain. Which is a damn shame, given he had a pretty good start to this season. [CBS Sports Eye on Hockey]


  • 18 hours on Google Glass a day? That's insane. (S/T to Jason G.) [ARS Technica]
  • If this makes me a shitty Cardinals fan, so be it, but . . . I kinda hope the Cardinals don't make the playoffs next year for the express reason that if they do, Mike Matheny will be fired. Because he's not getting fired now, I'll assure you of that . . . and he really should be. [SB Nation]


Stupid Animal Tricks week concludes (on my end, anyway) with ANOTHER dachshund . . . this one barrel races to stay active in the winter. (S/T to @DScoul):

Yep, that's adorable.

Before I throw things over to the other dude . . . NEXT WEEK'S VIDEO THEME IS . . . "Stupid Human Tricks"! I'll take anything up to but not including Darwin Award candidates.

And now . . . I hand the keys over to J-Mill. Help a brotha out (even if he thinks my wife and I are some kind of . . . "hicksters", he called it? What the fuck is THAT?!):

And stay tuned! Tim and I recorded an interview with the podcasting arm of Anaheim Calling yesterday and it should be up today.