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Blues At Coyotes Morning Open Thread: Jake Allen Debuts

The Blues' talented goalie of tomorrow will start tonight against the Arizona Coyotes.

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Jake Allen hasn't played yet this season, so you know that he's itching to get in net and show that he can compete with Brian Elliott. After Elliott's stellar performance against the Los Angeles Kings for his 17th shutout, Allen has some big skates to fill. Playing against the Arizona Coyotes tonight should give him a good chance to get acclimated to the crease.

So far the Coyotes are 2-1 and managed to beat the Kings in OT and (like every other team that's played them) pounded the absolutely terrible Edmonton Oilers. Folks predicted at the start of the season that the Coyotes would be just outside of the playoff bubble looking in. If Colorado's luck doesn't improve, and if Arizona keeps playing the way that they are, it could be the other way around.

Well, if Mike Smith actually plays like Mike Smith, that is. He's allowed ten goals in his two starts. The Blues better keep their fingers crossed that he's in net tonight.

This is your morning open thread. Check back later for some Road Music and other goodies, and while you're waiting for puck drop, head over to Five For Howling and say hello.