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Thursday Links - Stargate SG1 As Puppets

Clicky the linkies. Also, watch the Stargate SG1 crew enacted as puppets. And get your new wallpaper. And get ready for a new Beyond Checkerdome episode. And get your new video theme for next week. Get it all for the low low price of . . . FREE.

"Hi." "Hi." "Hi." "Hi." "Hi."
"Hi." "Hi." "Hi." "Hi." "Hi."
Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Just think . . . a week from now, the games will actually MEAN something.


  • The beginning of a new season means . . . The St. Louis Game Time Blues wallpapers are back! Ashley, aka BonaFideBummerCyborg, has once again commissioned her (now) fiancé, Sam, for these wallpapers, and the October is a take on the Blues' new on-ice look. Thanks, you two! [SLGT]
  • I guess the BIGGEST news yesterday is that the Blues put Peter Mueller on waivers. Also on waivers is Nate Prosser . . . and if they clear, they'd be eligible to be sent down to the Wolves. Also, Alexander Steen feels pretty good about being able to start the season on time despite being banged up this preseason. (Info from Tom Timmermann, not Jeremy Rutherford, this time.) [StL Today / Morning Skate]


  • Five games were played yesterday. No one should have cared. [ 10/01/14]
  • Seven games are to be played today. No one should care. [ 10/02/14]
  • Ryan Lambert takes on RFA's, the Hurricanes, the Avalanche(s) (again), Sidney Crosby and Pierre McGuire in this week's Power Rankings. [Puck Daddy]
  • The Oilers signed Vladimir Tkachev to a contract that was deemed illegal by the current CBA. Their GM, our old pal Craig MacTavish, explains what happened. Kinda. [Oilers / Inside The Oilers]
  • Major League Baseball does a play-in game as part of their playoffs. Should the NHL do this? (MY SHORT ANSWER: Fuck no.) [Puck Daddy]
  • Kings superstar defenseman Drew Doughty thinks Corsi is a bunch of shit. Um, okay, but you kinda play on a team that leads the world in it and you're one of those leading dudes, so whatever. [LA Kings Insider]
  • The Coyotes in Emojis should be a bunch of dollar bills hemorrhaging from a large enclosed oval building. [Puck Daddy]
  • Boone Jenner, he of the broken hand earlier this week, will miss up to five weeks after he had surgery to repair it. The Blue Jackets probably will stagger out of the gate. [CBS Sports Eye on Hockey]
  • Seriously, if Flyers fans need ice girls to enjoy their hockey game experience, that should be a fucking sign that their team is utter shit. And look at the roster . . . yeah, it kinda is. [Deadspin]
  • The NHL Board of Governors has approved the Islanders sale by Charles Wang to Jonathan Ledecky and Scott Malkin. Which will usher them into the Barclays Center era. Probably well done. []
  • I mentioned Tkachev earlier. But Elliotte Friedman has a great 30 Thoughts piece up again. He includes notes about what he think may happen with the Mike Babcock situation in Detroit as well as many other things. [SportsNet]
  • The aforementioned Sidney Crosby? Well, he played his first preseason game yesterday. Usually not a big deal, but he's been banged up this offseason, so I'm sure the Penguins were glad to see him out there. [CBS Sports Eye on Hockey]
  • Fuck Detroit, now and forever. But pardon me if even I feel like Tomas Tatar got several short ends of a stick here . . . first, cross-checked from behind, then as he's going down, he's kneed in the head by a LINESMAN. Yikes. Here are some GIFs of the incident. [GIF Goldmine]


  • Obviously, I like donuts. But I can think of a gajillion things I'd rather do in the Portland, Oregon area than steal donuts. And I've never been there. (S/T to DanGNR) [KSDK]
  • Are chip/cookie bags filled with too much air? Well, some South Korean students find out that . . . yes, they are! You'll love HOW they found out, though. (God, what a terrible BuzzFeed-like hook there . . . but you're already here, so what's the difference?) (S/T to @akmark78) [Wall Street Journal / Asia / Korea Realtime]


My wife loves Stargate, but especially their SG1 series (I think she had a thing for Richard Dean Anderson, and I tell ya, I don't know what that means for ME, but . . . hey, she's my wife, and I love her). She rather enjoyed this puppet show they did for the 200th episode, as they were bouncing ideas off the wall for a movie based on a fake show. Here's the scene. (S/T to Kate, of course):

Puppets, man.

Alright, I'm out the door . . . before I hand the keys to J-Mill and let him send this thing careening off a cliff, though . . . I have a challenge for you.

YOUR VIDEO THEME NEXT WEEK . . . the wife and I went to an Old Crow Medicine Show concert on Tuesday night, and we thought maybe you fine folks could find me some good, down-home obscure-ish acts for videos this week. Bands like Pokey LaFarge and the South City Three (local StL talent!). Old Crow Medicine Show. Nickel Creek. No speed metal, no rap, no modern country garbage. Obscure alt-folk and alt-country. I think you can do it.

Alright, NOW . . . time to hand it over to J-Mill:

And don't forget . . . Episode 54 of Beyond Checkerdome comes your way this afternoon. Tune in!