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NHL GameCenter Live Review: Beefed Up Desktop, Mobile Apps Help The Experience

The NHL's on-line subscription service gets better this year across multiple formats.

I haven't yelled at my PS4 yet during streaming of a hockey game this season.

Those who follow me on Twitter have probably seen me complain about the NHL's GameCenter Live app for PS3 which lagged, stuttered, got out of sync, and occasionally refused to play. This season it seems sharper, and any buffering happens due to your internet connectivity, not because the servers feel like it. If you have a PS4 or XBox One, having GameCenter Live is nearly as good as having a Center Ice subscription.

It's better, actually, if you consider the quality of the mobile apps and the website itself. GameCenter Live's video player offers in-game features such as team Twitter feeds, stats, and multicam highlights that include pregame fun. It again has dual and pop-out video to go along with the quad view, for those of you who are keeping an eye on fantasy players or who have tremendous levels of focusing skills.

Extra Cam Highlights

The iPad/iPhone apps are both nearly the same as last season, save with a flat design. The stream quality is excellent. My one complaint is this: there is no option to stream to Google Chromecast. The feature works well with; having it for the GCL app would be helpful as well.

iPhone GCL 1


All in all, I do recommend it, especially if you live outside of the Blues viewing area, like me. There are national blackouts, which do suck, but they're not going away any time soon.

If anyone has a version other than the iOS or PS4 app, please share your thoughts in the comments. Aside from lag time, has anyone come across any quirks?