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Canucks At Blues Morning Open Thread: Miller Returns To St. Louis

The Ryan Miller era in St. Louis was notable for the fact that he was a disappointment. Things haven't changed in Vancouver.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Man, aren't we all so relieved that Ryan Miller made his sister in law's wedding? No? Yeah, neither am I.

Ryan Miller's tenure in St. Louis was nothing short of disappointing. His playoff stats were atrocious (.897 SV%, 2.70 GAA) were a large portion of the reason that the Blues had yet another one of their trademarked early exits from the postseason. He never seemed to gel or communicate with the defense that well - perhaps leaving a team without one and heading to a team where one exists messed with his fragile goalie psyche.

He hasn't jelled with the defense in Vancouver yet, either. His stats are a continuation from last season with the Blues: disappointing. So far with the Canucks he has a .884 SV%, and a 3.02 GAA. Sure, he has three wins, but they have not been pretty. His last game he allowed five goals on 13 shots.

Eddie Lack, against the Blues, has been stellar. He'll probably deprive fans of the chance to vent their frustrations against Miller. Lack went 3-0-0 against the Blues last year with a .97 GAA and a .960 save percentage. Kid's good. The Canucks aren't half bad. Tonight's game should be pretty good.

This is your morning open thread. Check back for some more fun memorabilia takes from Rick, your preview, and the GDT. While you're waiting, say hi to our friends over at Nucks Misconduct.