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Canucks At Blues Game Preview: Flu Bug Bites The Blues

Tonight may not be the bounceback performance that fans want to see after the Blues were shut out 3-0 by the Anaheim Ducks.

Ben Nelms

With the Blues line-up in limbo as of the publication of this preview, it makes it kind of hard to draw conclusions on the Blues' end as to what their level of play is going to be. If the flu's going about, it could be a very October-appropriate level of zombieism, which will do nothing to help the Blues get back into the scoring swing of things.

Shut out 3-0 on Sunday by the Anaheim Ducks, the Blues get to face the Canucks and Eddie Lack. No, the Canucks have not played well their last two games, losing 4-2 to the Tampa Bay Lightning and 6-3 to the Dallas Stars. However, Lack won all three games he played against the Blues last season, making tonight's matchup a potentially difficult one.

The Blues are 3-0-2 in their last five against the Canucks at Scottrade. You know who would go a long way towards making it another win? T.J. Oshie getting on the scoresheet. Five games have passed, and as Teej told the Post-Dispatch, he's not concerned. After all, it's just five games.

"There's no more eagerness than there was in the first game. I'm more concerned about playing the right way. It's going to come. This team has always been the kind of a team where one month one line is hot and the next month another line is. Obviously, you want to score, but there's a little bit different role for me this year. Little less ice time, little less opportunity on the power play. So it's going to have to happen five on five."

It's also going to have to happen while playing on a line with Steve Ott, so best of luck there.

Jake Allen will be in tonight, after winning his one start this season 6-1 against the Coyotes on Saturday, Jori Lehtera is back probably, but Alexander Steen seems to be under the weather now.

On the chance that Ryan Miller starts tonight, it seems like the team is ready for him:

"Whether it's a guy that played for you like Miller that guys really liked and enjoyed, or we had a long history with Halak, it comes and goes," Hitchcock said. "You look at it as a number and a name and you try to get to the guy as much as you can. It's always emotional for the first time a team plays against teammates he knew from before. I just look at it as, what's his strengths, what's his weaknesses, how can we get to them."

Right now how do the Blues get to Miller? Cough on him.