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Buy Tonight's Game Time Paper: Canucks At Blues

You can buy tonight's Game Time paper online.

Maybe the Blues are getting injuries out of their system now. You know they're going to happen. It's hockey. Long season + contact sport x all that grueling travel on charter jets and staying in four-star hotels = guys are going to get hurt. So it's not shocking that Paul Stastny is spending some time on the shelf. But it fucking sucks that it's this early in the season.

The Blues are now players in the summer. Guys want to come here. And stay here now. They're contenders. So it's cool when Ken Hitchcock gets new toys and he tinkers with the lines and comes up with some crazy combos because he can. Instead, tonight we'll see Steve Ott on a line with David Backes and T.J. Oshie again. I hate that line. It reminds me of last season. You know the one. It was where all the Blues injuries happened the last few weeks of the season and it was like three lines of Steve Ott centering Steve Ott and Steve Ott. Now we're getting Ottober. Not a fan.

That is if Steve Ott is not puking in his skates pregame. Flu shots are awesome, man.

Ok, that's my quick take. Now the quick commercial. We sell a fan-run paper outside every Blues game. We're completely independent and underground. We're a little bit punk rock. Your mom would think we're a little dangerous.

So if you buy the paper outside the game, it's $4. When you buy it here online from our secure vendor it's $3. If you subscribe to the full season it's $2 a copy (email me at gtbradlee at gmail dot com if you'd like to subscribe).

Look, we're a bunch of die hard fans who happen to have an industrial copier and we put out 24 pages of stats, jokes, analysis and jokes. And hardly any of our content runs on the website.

So give us a try. Maybe we'll hook you too.

Let's Go Blues.