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Blackhawks At Blues Morning Open Thread: Red Invasion

Those guys from northern Illinois are heading to Scottrade, and the Blackhawks will be there too.

Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

I haven't seen any ill-advised campaigns to keep Blackhawk fans out of Scottrade so far this season. That may be ok; after all, Blues fans may need someone to distract them from whatever product the team puts out on the ice. What better distraction than a drunk Blackhawks fan?

Ok, I can think of better ones too.

The Blues laid an egg on the ice against the Canucks. Was it because of illness (probably)? Was it because they've quit on Hitch (probably not - hopefully)? Was it indicative of the scoring problem that's been plaguing this team for a few seasons? Yep. That may not get any better with Paul Stastny recently placed on IR, but at least the Blues have called up Dmitrij Jaskin to play on the fourth line while Magnus Paajarvi munches on pretzels in the press box and Steve Ott stays on the first line.

It's too damn early in the season to be this annoyed.

This is your morning open thread. Question Hitch's lineup decisions here if you'd like. Check back for a Memoribila Moment from Rick Ackerman, and then return for your game preview and game day thread. While you're killing time waiting on the game, say hi to our favorite frenimies, Second City Hockey.

Don't forget to head out to the store before the game and pick up some fortifications. Might I suggest whiskey?