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Blues At Stars Morning Open Thread: Break Out The Big Gunnarssons

The Blues new defensive arrival is finally ready for showtime in Dallas. Is the rest of the team?

Claus Andersen

Little by little, the beaten up and battered Blues team is coming together. The bacterial infection has nearly run its course, though not entirely, as Vladimir Tarasenko and Ryan Reaves are now the two under the weather, according to Lou Korac. Paul Stastny has been skating with the team and taking drills and doing things, but while he traveled with the team to Dallas, he's questionable at best for the next week or so. Still, T.J. Oshie told Jeremy Rutherford that Stastny's looking pretty good:

"We were messing around and (Alexander Steen) threw me a pass in the air, and behind (Stastny’s) back without looking, he knocked it out of the air," Oshie said. "So that was pretty cool to see. He must be getting close."

Trick pass blocking! Exciting.

Gunnarsson's defensive partner is up in the air right now, but just wait - at the rate this bacteria is going, one of the D'll get sick and he'll get slotted right on in. Or else there will be seven defensemen tonight.

This is your morning open thread. Head on over to Defending Big D and marvel at what it's like to be a fan of a team whose top line is en fuego and who is consistently the same every game. CCR'll be back later on with some Road Music for you all.