What will it take?


What would it take to get you to go to a St. Louis Blues game? I'm not talking to you Mr. or Ms. Season-ticket-holder. I'm talking to you who read this site but sit at home on a Saturday night when you could be at Scottrade. Or you who stayed at home when the Blues played the hottest team in the league last night. We had an interesting conversation on Twitter this morning about what it would take to get that last 2000-2500 butts in the seats on a nightly basis. (s/t to @dereksteele22 for starting the conversation) So I am curious about what you, loyal readers but potential non-attendees, have to say. Not trying to shame anyone, but trying to crowd source what is keeping fans from Scottrade. And also, what it would take to motivate fans to come down to a game. What sort of barriers are there for your attendance? If the conversation is productive enough, I'll pass it along to the Blues front office because I feel like they could use all the help they can get right now.