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Tuesday Links - Buddy Miller plus Elbow

There are links and stuff on this page, but the continuation of Obscure Alt-Country Week . . . uhhhh, continues . . . with a couple more obscure acts, one of which may not really be Alt-Country, but definitely fit the motif. Enjoy.

Magnus Paajarvi is stronger than Mikko Koivu. Shocking.
Magnus Paajarvi is stronger than Mikko Koivu. Shocking.
Marilyn Indahl-USA TODAY Sports

Cardinals lead their series. Yay, or something. Hockey is a couple days away. YAY!


  • By today at 4pm CDT, the Blues must cut their roster from the current 27 to a paltry 23. Carl Gunnarsson makes part of the decision easier by being hurt and probably by being on IR, but who else makes the squad? Hildy parses. [SLGT]


  • A FanShot that was admitted, by the author, to be on every SBN team hockey website . . . so it goes here. [SLGT FanPosts]
  • We've heard of NHL players using their ass to help their teams. Well, P.K. Subban uses HIS in a way that I believe our old pal Roman Polak would be in favor of. [Deadspin]
  • Youngsters Anthony Duclair and Darnell Nurse, of the Rangers and Oilers respectively, will start the season with those teams. Good for these youngsters, [Color of Hockey]
  • Ryan Lambert picks the Blues to finish third in Conference III and links to a J** S****** column, for some fucking reason. If I didn't know any better, I'd think he had no fucking clue what he's writing about. Anyway, that and more in his weekly What We Learned piece. [Puck Daddy]
  • The Islanders plan a lot of great events for their last season in Uniondale. Included? A brief, but largely not public, return of the Gorton's Fisherman uniforms . . . which will be worn at warmups, signed and auctioned off, but not actually used during a game. Good. [Newsday]
  • Remember Wojtek Wolski? Well, he proved how shitty the KHL is by netting a hat trick in 106 seconds there, setting a record. [Puck Daddy]
  • Blue Jackets forward Ryan Johansen got his bridge contract. Whether or not it was worth missing all of training camp, well . . . that's up to him. Anyway, three years and $12MM for the youngster. [Blue Jackets]
  • The Blues make their cuts later, but others made their cuts yesterday. And there were a shitload of 'em. Look at the list. [Puck Daddy]
  • Rick Jeanneret, the only Play-By-Play Man the Sabres have ever known, is battling Stage III throat cancer. It looks like he could recover. But he'll miss the beginning of the season. Godspeed, Rick. You're the best. [Buffalo News]


  • Adrian Peterson was in a world of legal shit, but now he's probably going to be in trouble with the Internal Revenue Service. Sorry, Vikings fans, but you'll never see this guy in your uniform again, it appears. [SB Nation]
  • I don't know what this guy is really getting at, actually, but if he's not saying "BACON IS AWESOME", then I'm not really listening to it, so fuck it. [Deadspin / Foodspin]


Know Buddy Miller? Neither do I, but he and his wife do well here. (S/T to adroq):

Not bad.

And remember Elbow? No? Well, I don't really, either, but they're working on a concept. (S/T to adroq)

It's called "grounds for divorce", if you haven't heard.

Links? Alt-Country videos? Send 'em along:

And look out for Episode 55 of Beyond Checkerdome . . . probably coming tomorrow night! See you then, if not sooner.