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Beyond Checkerdome #55: Season Preview Special

Episode 55 is XL for the season preview!

Please Reavo , Don't Hurt 'Em
Please Reavo , Don't Hurt 'Em
Marilyn Indahl-USA TODAY Sports

#IsItOctoberYet? You bet your ass it is!!

Sorry for the length (TWSS), but we have an extra-large episode for you all this week. First, we're joined by the one and only Brad Lee for some Blues talk, and then we go into our preview for this year's Central Division. As usual, we also talk some beer and the previous 55s in Blues history. We also get the breakdown for the upcoming year for the Game Time paper.

Give it a listen, eh?

For a download link, click HERE

At long last, Blues Hockey has finally arrived!! I'm sure you all are as excited as we are. We hope to catch up with you during the games, whether it's online or while we #RockTheScott. We just ask 2 things: Support your local fan program by buying a St Louis Game Time paper, and please send us questions/comments/feedback.

Thing 1 can be achieved a couple of ways. Live, before every home game, make a point of visiting one of the on-street vendors and getting a copy from one of those fine folks. Subscribe, and get a pdf version emailed to you ahead of each home game (half-price for each issue). Get it ala carte - come to St Louis Game Time ahead of each home game and get an single issue electronically at a reduced price (not as good as a subscriber, but less than the live version). Any which way you do it, we appreciate it. Any questions, hit up Brad ( GTBradLee AT G Mail DOT com) or Heather (GameTimeHLee AT G Mail DOT com), and they'll square you away.

Thing 2 is just as easy. Hit us up on Twitter at @ByndCheckerdome or via email at BeyondCheckerdome AT G Mail DOT com , and let us know what's up in your part of the world. Our guest, Brad, can also be found on Twitter with the handle @GTBradLee. He's worth the follow!!

Thanks for listening!


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