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St. Louis Blues November 2014 Wallpaper

October has passed and the cool embrace of November has finally come. Seriously, who is not ready for some turkey!?

New Month, New Wallpaper. Let's Go Blues!!
New Month, New Wallpaper. Let's Go Blues!!
Sam McKinney

Again I bring you a new digital wallpaper creation, from the Vladimir Tarasenko loving Mind of my Fiancee Sam McKinney.

This month’s wallpaper features a minimalistic display of the Blue Note, St. Louis Arch and the new rebranded motto: Our Town, Our Team.

I REALLY dig this months Our Town, Our Team design. He (clearly) took inspiration from the Blues summer rebranding effort. Last month matched the newish sweater design, this month the new web design, what will next month feature? Who knows, but I will make sure to get another wallpaper outta him for December. Happy November and Let’s Go Blues!

What do you think of this month's wallpaper?

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The Wallpaper can be downloaded HERE!