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Monday Open Bar: Bergie-bility?

Some links while you drink away your Monday like a red blooded American or wherever you're from.

"Brrrrrrr...I am having the cold!"
"Brrrrrrr...I am having the cold!"
Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Just a nice open bar today. Stop in for a quick drink or nine - we won't judge.

  • Saturday night's loss to the Predators made me think things. So I wrote those things down for you - well, technically I typed them, but you get the idea. The recap: [SLGT]
  • How are the kids doing? Prospect Sunday reports: [SLGTSLGTSLGT]
  • David Rogers thinks Patrik Berglund has become less of an enigma and more of a liability. I've been as maddened by Bergie as much as anyone, but despite his scoring challenges he actually leads the Blues in 5-on-5 possession numbers (among players with at least 100 minutes thus far).  [Frozen Notes]
  • Like for real, I'm dead serious. I was just as surprised as you. Check for yourself: [War-on-Ice]
  • The Blues need a more balanced offense. Fucking duh. [STLToday]
  • Last night's scores... [ 11/9]
  • ...and tonight's schedule, featuring Devils-Bruins and Flames-Hurricanes. [ 11/10]
  • There's a chance that next season's salary cap will stay the same as this season, according to people in the know. Part of me REALLY wants to laugh at the Blackhawks giving Rocky & Bullwinkle $20 million if that's the case, but as Wysh points out the Blues only have 15 players under contract for next season with $12.6 mill in space, as it currently stands. [Puck Daddy]
  • The Canadiens retired number 5 for Hall of Famer (and technically, former Blue) Guy Lapointe on Saturday night, which I believe was the last positive integer the Habs had left in circulation. One day they'll retire P.K. Subban's -7.6. [Pro Hockey Talk]
  • Jason Spezza decided to play for the Dallas Stars because he loves the Dallas Cowboys - which is convenient, since the Cowboys are going to win the Super Bowl this year (as long as Tony Romo stays healthy and DeMarco Murray's knees don't implode). [Puck Daddy]
  • No one likes Mondays, so here are some brain teasers to waste some valuable work time and productivity, in the form of Blues-themed Sporcle quizzes. Keep in mind, some of them are a couple of years outdated. [Sporcle]

If you haven't yet, you should see this goal Gustav Nyquist scored last night to tie the game for the Red Wings against the Lightning. It's not Vladimir Tarasenko good, but it's pretty nifty. Poor Ben Bishop...

The trailer for the next Avengers movie Age of Ultron is pretty exciting...but here's how it REEEEAAAALY should have gone...

Tomorrow is a not-me day. Send things to Montana.
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