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Sabres At Blues Game Preview: Chris Stewart Makes His Triumphant Return

The Blues dealt Chris Stewart to the Buffalo Sabres as part of an option that landed the team Steve Ott. Let's all say thank you.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Poor Chris Stewart. He never wanted to be traded to Buffalo, but his inconsistencies made him a prime target to be dealt off by the Blues. Granted, it was in a deal that got the team Steve Ott and the heart-crushing disappointment of Ryan Miller, so when you're talking about people to pity, I'm unsure if Stewart is the person that you need to feel sorry for.

Sabres Center" src="" />

So, they're taking volunteers for playing positions now? Ok, yeah, still feel bad for Stewart. At least here our coach plays who he wants to at center.

The statistical comparisons of the two teams are absurd. Yes, the Blues need to do better on their penalty kill. But how in the world does a NHL team have a FOUR PERCENT powerplay?

Buffalo Blues Stats

No one's scored double digit points on their roster. The Sabres average 1.12 goals a game, which would be unsustainablly low for any other team. They have one non-shootout win. They have one win at home. This is inexcusable, and it really makes one wonder how much longer it's going to be allowed to continue. When you have Sidney Crosby pot five assists against your team and you shrug and go "yeah, he's pretty awesome," there is a problem.

To be fair, the Blues' need their secondary scoring not just to score, but also to be more responsible - both goals on Saturday night came when the top line was on the ice. Paul Stastny has missed extended time, and David Backes is playing right wing instead of his usual center, but those kinks need to be worked out sooner rather than later.

The Blues have beaten the Sabres four games in a row, and Brian Elliott has never lost in regulation against them (10-0-2, 1.74 GAA). Yes, the Sabres can occasionally manage to do something right, and you should never let up against a team, but the Blues can treat this as an extended "work out the kinks" session and be good.