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Want Tonight's Game Time Paper?

You can now get tonight's paper online.

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Friends of Game Time, I expect big things tonight.

After being stymied by the Predators on Saturday, I think the offense of the St. Louis Blues is ready to bust out tonight hosting the Buffalo Sabres.

Hey, you know we sell a paper outside every home game, right? Well tonight is a pretty good edition. We've got a guest column from a lifelong Buffalo fan who moved to St. Louis. There's a good Drunk Girl post. We've got a funny cartoon. The lists are pretty good, at least I think so. We've got 24 pages of analysis, jokes, stats and more. You want it? Come get it.

Here's a preview of the front page from a formerly Poor College Student:

And here I thought that the Blues were going to go undefeated for the rest of the season. Dammit all.

The Blues aren't in any need to reinvent themselves. The current state of the secondary scoring does leave something to be desired but under no circumstances should that be remedied by splitting up the Schwartz/Lehtera/Tarasenko line. If you've been a fan of this team over the past, oh 15 years, the lack of an elite level offensive talent is something that has been present ever since Brett Hull departed. It's still too early to crown 91 as the next great goal scorer for the Blues along the lines of Hullie, but it's easy to see how comparisons are starting to form based on how Vladimir has started off the season. Fans turn their heads and take notice when he comes over the boards. Tarasenko's lightning quick release is reminiscent of 16. The sheer avarice you see when Vova scores reminds fans of a get the idea. The young gun is certainly on the right path at the moment to get the hype machine shifting into Golden Brett Gear, but that's a long-ass road to travel before he's finally arrived.

The Buffalo Sabres are playing some shit-ass awful hockey, which isn't the worst idea in the world considering Connor McDavid and Jack Eichel sit atop everyone's prospect rankings for June's draft. They both have people salivating over them being the "Next Crosby," because you have to be the next "something" and can't just be yourself.

Doesn't that make you want tonight's paper?

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