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Get Tonight's Game Time Paper: Predators At Blues

We have a paper we sell outside every Blues game. Get it here.

This guy looks just like Brad Lee.
This guy looks just like Brad Lee.
Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Hey Game Time-type folks.

So the Predators are back. Again. Like they were six days ago. Below we'll give you a taste of the front page, but just now you can go to our secure online vendor and buy tonight's paper for just $3.

Here's what a formerly Poor College Student thinks about tonight's game:

The Predators, for some reason, decided to go back home to Nashville and play Winnipeg rather than just stay here after Saturday and knock out this second game in order to save on travel expenses.

Tonight's game is another showdown for the Central Division lead, which is something I did not expect to type for a matchup involving Nashville. At our weekly Game Time staff meeting in the finest meeting room that the Westin has to offer Brad Lee's garage, we really considered just selling the leftovers from Saturday. Alas, by the end of the next few beers, we decided to just go straight for Wild Turkey and settled on churning out more words for your reading pleasure. Such is life.

The Predators have always had the foundation of an incredible tandem with Pekka Rinne and Shea Weber. Putting a top five goalie and a top five defenseman on the same team is a rarity and generally equates with some measurable playoff success. Besides the series where Weber smashed Zetterberg's head against the glass (which was amazing and is currently on YouTube, by the way), the mustard yellow clad Predators just haven't had the success that you think a team built that way should have.

Now for the depressing part. The Predators have made it out of the first round twice in since 2010-11. The Blues? Only once.

So there's a taste of our 24 pages of analysis, stats, jokes, cartoon, word find, bingo and more. It's really good, and I'm not saying that because I put it together. I say that because we have dedicated contributors who put tons of time into making their submissions awesome. The Game Time paper is done by hardcore Blues fans...for hardcore Blues fans. If that's what you are, it's fucking made for you. I promise.

Thanks for reading. And let's see some ass kicking of Nashville tonight. Let's Go Blues.