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Saturday Links: The Fall of Alexander the Gr8

Have some links to warm up for an entire day of hockey!

I tried to find one of Vladi and Ovie together in Sochi...but that rhymed too much to exist in real life.
I tried to find one of Vladi and Ovie together in Sochi...but that rhymed too much to exist in real life.
Bruce Bennett

Heh...more like the Crapitals, amirite? [high fives a million angels]


  • Vladimir Tarasenko vs. Alexander Ovechkin? LET THE GREAT NARRATIVES BEGIN! [STLToday]
  • The thought when they announced T.J. Oshie would play Thursday night was that he'd get limited ice time to ease him back into game shape. He ended up playing 22:58, second on the team next to Alex Pietrangelo. That, and other notes from Lou. [In the Slot]
  • The Capitals lost a hard fought 1-0 game last night against the New Jersey Devils. [Japers' Rink]
  • Sometimes, going into a shell when you have a lead is not such a great thing. You'd think all of civilization would know that by now, but apparently the Caps are just now trying to figure that out. [Washington Post]
  • The National Hockey League played six ice hockey matches last night, doing so nationally. (Technically, internationally.) [ 11/14]
  • If you have nothing else to do today, you can spend a full 12 hours doing nothing but watching hockey! Starting with Hurricanes-Bruins at noon central, with Wild-Stars at 1 and Ducks-Kings at 3, then some evening highlights include Rangers-Penguins, Jets-Predators, Flyers-Canadiens, and the late game of Senators-Flames. In total, there are 12 games today - and of course I have to fucking work! [ 11/15]
  • Fuck Detroit beat Those Fuckers Up North 4-1 last night. Good for them. [Winging It In Motown]
  • The Coyotes put 5 goals past Ryan Miller last ni-stop laughing, you guys!...Anyway, Martin Hanzal naturalized himself a hat trick in the 5-0 victor-I mean it you guys, it's not funny! [Five for Howling]
  • In other former Blues goalkeeper news, Jaroslav Halak made an eye-catching save with his neck in the Islanders' 4-3 shootout win over the Panthers. It's like Jaro had eyes in the back of his head...and those eyes weren't covered up by the back of his mask...or his hair. [Lighthouse Hockey]
  • On Monday, the Class of 2014 will be inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto, featuring defenseman Rob Blake, the greatest goalie who ever or probably will ever live Dominik Hasek, postage stamp Peter Forsberg, the 2nd highest scoring American in NHL history Mike Modano (people like to just pretend that Brett Hull doesn't count, but he obviously does), the late great coach Pat Burns, and referee Bill McCreary. Here's the schedule of events all weekend leading up to the ceremony on Monday night. [Hockey Hall of Fame]
  • Thanksgiving is almost here, which means that the most wonderful time of the year is right around the corner: Christmas World Juniors! The schedule of exhibition games leading up to the start of the tournament was announced yesterday, and the 2015 Gold Medal Winners-To-Be USA will warm up against Germany and Sweden, both in Kingston, Ontario. Sidenote: I was really hoping to make the trip to the Blues-Canadiens game in Montreal next week, but when that fell through I looked into being there for the USA-Canada New Year's Eve on StubHub for that game start at $300. Sooooo...maybe when they come to Pittsburgh in a few years like they're supposed to. []
  • After NBA commissioner Some White Dude I Don't Know came out publicly in favor of legalized sports gambling, Gary Bettman voiced some concerns, such as whether or not they want fans in their seats cheering for their team or the point spread? ...... [Puck Daddy]
  • ...on a completely unrelated topic...LAS VEGAS EXPANSION TEAM!!! [Puck Daddy]
  • Jose Canseco, who you may recall recently shot off part of his finger in a gun-cleaning accident, apparently can't afford a good doctor. That very same finger? Fell off during a poker game. I. Shit. You. Not. [Washington Post]
  • Marcus passes along a gallery of photos of life size figures of stormtroopers, Superman, battle droids, terminators, Black Widow, and my favorite: Batman vs. Predator! Who wants to start the Kickstarter to THAT movie! [Daniel Picard]
  • Looking for a home in Staten Island with history where you can host a big wedding? Well you're in luck - the Corleone mansion from The Godfather is up for sale. [New York Post]
  • If you've been paying attention, you'll know that St. Louis will be getting a new team next year - Saint Louis FC, the highest level pro soccer team in St. Louis since the 70s. The club doesn't even start playing until the early spring, and they've already started making waves in national soccer community. [World Soccer Talk]

I...uuhhh...don't have any videos for you today, because internet connection in the US is a joke and should absolutely be classified as a utility. If all's well tomorrow though I'll double your pleasure.

In the mean time, if you have something awesome to share, be it a video or article or game or that you just saved a bunch of money on your car insurance by switching to Geico, pass it along!
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