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Capitals At Blues Morning Open Thread: The Other Russian

Vladimir Tarasenko might be all the rage right now, but it's a mistake to forget about the league's premiere Russian player, Alexander Ovechkin.

Bruce Bennett

Vladimir Tarasenko might be the NHL's Hansel right now, but it's a huge mistake to forget about the NHL's Zoolander, Alexander Ovechkin. The Great Eight hasn't gotten off to the speediest of starts this season under new Capitals coach Barry Trotz, but to be fair there is a bit of a learning curve whenever a new coach comes to town, especially a competent one. That's something that the Caps haven't had experience with for years, so you do have to cut them some slack.

Ovie has but eight goals and eight assists to start the season, which is glacial for him. But the three-time Hart, three time Pearson, and four-time Rocket Richard winner is dangerous. You give him space, he will score. The Blues, unfortunately, seem to give him space more often than not. He had three goals and two assists against St. Louis last season.

This is your morning open thread. While you sit around fretting if the STL line has gone cold (after all, they were responsible for only five points Thursday night), swing by Japers' Rink and say hello. Head back for a new Memorabilia Memories, a preview in which we try very hard to not compare Tarasenko and Ovechkin this year, and your GameThread.