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Top 11 Reasons There Weren't Links This Morning

No Sunday links? But...but why?

"11 reasons? Why not 42?" would be a marginally amusing thing to write here, I guess.
"11 reasons? Why not 42?" would be a marginally amusing thing to write here, I guess.
Billy Hurst-USA TODAY Sports

This would be yet another Sunday where a late Saturday night & either a restful or work-filled Sunday caused me to miss giving you sweet readers with some morning link-atude to get you through your cup-o-joe.

But there were other factors involved, and among them are:

11. I assumed that an intentional Patrik Berglund goal meant the world was coming to an end at midnight. [STLToday]

10. I laughed myself unconscious at the Capitals' misfortune. [Japers' Rink]

9. I was so excited that the Blues saved cap space by trading Jordan Leopold to the Blue Jackets for a 5th round pick in 2016 that I was arrested for disturbing the peace. [Blues]

8. I was overly fatigued from linking back-to-back, even though CanesAndBluesFan says that doesn't have any noticeable affect on goaltenders. [SLGT]

7. My body couldn't handle the shock of seeing the Buffalo Sabres had scored 6 goals last night, albeit against the Maple Leafs. [ 11/15]

6. I got caught up deciding whether tonight's Stars-Blackhawks game will feature 13 goals total or only 11. [ 11/16]

5. My first attempt at today's links were disallowed by video review, like Dan Boyle's potential shootout winner was against the Penguins. (Sticktap to TerripinKen.) [Sporting News]

4. My brain exploded from all of the math and graphs Jen LC (who btw you MUST follow on twitter, Hawks fan or no) used to describe what we already know: that the Blues have been a one-line team so far. (Sticktap to C&BF.) [Puck Daddy]

3. I was paralyzed with pity for the poor 90s kids who were humiliated on Legends of the Hidden Temple while reading this Jon Bois classic. [SBNation]

2. I lost my capacity to think after finding out how the ending of Christopher Nolan's new movie Interstellar starring Matthew McConaughey was explained scientifically by a now-famous monologue from HBO's True Detective, starring...Matthew McConaughey. [Nerdist]

1. Busting makes me feel I rapped about it.

Full links tomorrow. Help me fill them!

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