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Blues At Senators Morning Open Thread: Back In The Win Column

The Blues have been outscored 6-1 in their last two games. Is this afternoon when the slide stops?


Don't tell anyone, but I think the Blues may be having scoring issues.

It seems like other teams have figured out that the STL line is the line to clamp down on, because the rest won't do squat - and the Bruins and Canadiens have worked that to masterful wins. Helping the Habs out was the fact that the Blues looked scattershot at best on defense Thursday night, allowing Max Pacioretty and the rest of the Montreal team almost unrestricted access to Jake Allen.

This afternoon it will more than likely be Brian Elliott in net, back in his old stomping grounds of Ottawa. The Senators may be happy to see the Blues before St. Louis' defense gets some kinks worked out. They're 4-3-3 in their last ten, and have been generally flat at best. Bobby Ryan's three goals took care of the Preds on Thursday 3-2, doing the Blues a favor. Let's see if our guys can pay him back by limiting how many shots the dangerous forward takes. Ryan's a player who can do a lot with the space he's given. Don't give him any.

This is your morning open thread for an early puck drop. CCR'll be back with some road music in un momento, but while you're waiting head over to Silver Seven and see how things are trending in Canada's capital.