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GameThread for Ottawa Senators at St. Louis Blues, Nov 25, 2014

The Blues and Ottawa Senators square off for the second and last time this season.


First off, let me say that Game Time is a politics free zone because we all like each other here and don't want that to change. Regardless of your viewpoints, however, I think that we can all agree that this is an absolutely tone deaf tweet from Bobby Ryan, who might want to stay out of other city's issues.

Not cool, multimillionaire athlete. Not cool.

Hopefully Ryan's nap was sufficiently disturbed. His post-nap Twitter walk-back from that tweet seemed sleep addled, so there's hope that maybe he'll be so groggy that he'll be off of his game.

Come, bask in the healing power of St. Louis native (!) Chris Butler making his hometown regular season debut. Come out tonight, be it to the game or a sports bar, and show some support for your city and your team.

Let's do this. Let's Go Blues.